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Arnold Air Society The Elmore M. Kennedy, Jr. Squadron.

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1 Arnold Air Society The Elmore M. Kennedy, Jr. Squadron

2 Overview Purpose History Structure What Happened Accomplishments Future Plans Links to References

3 Arnold Air’s Purpose Our Mission Link Our Motto Link Our Objectives Link

4 History The Society General Henry “Hap” Arnold The Birthplace of A.A.S The Charter The Namesake Elmore M. Kennedy’s recent visit to Det. 605 The Squadron: Reloaded AAS/Major Marlon Garner’s Purpose Recent Lineage –LinkLink

5 Our Structure Chain of Command Rank Structure Membership Status and Affilations SilverWings AFA Conferences AreaCon NatCon

6 What Happened? Running for Area Staff Link The Accusations Our perspective and support Submitted letters My report The Actions Taken AFROTC Headquarters: The Investigation NC A&T: The Judicial Hearing Arnold Air Society: The Suspension

7 Accomplishments Community Service & Detachment Events - Vet. Visit- Warrior PT- Movie NightWarrior PTMovie Night - Flag Pole- Detachment Clean-up - Shoe-Shine PartyShoe-Shine Party - Det. Clean-up- Annual Takeover- Kennedy’s Visit - Plot Maintenance Fundraisers Event One Our Influence Every Arnie attending field training has graduated! We bring motivation among ourselves and the Detachment

8 Future Plans Reenacting the squadron National Procedures New Anti-Hazing Policy Implemented Immediately after approval of PAS New Goals The Role of Inactive Members

9 Links To References Arnold Air Society National Website Hurricon2006 Official Forms Air Force Association

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