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ILA1 Chapter President Training 2011-2012 Presented by: Elizabeth Ramirez Area Supervisor 2011-2012.

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1 ILA1 Chapter President Training 2011-2012 Presented by: Elizabeth Ramirez Area Supervisor 2011-2012


3 Responsibilities Paperwork Chapter Requirements Questions ~Overview

4 Chapter President 1.The Chapter President (CP) shall attend Area meetings and vote as the official Chapter delegate. 2.The CP shall preside over all chapter meetings. 3.The CP shall have the authority to appoint Chapter Special Committees. The CP may also appoint members of a Special Committee with the approval of the Chapter Executive Board 4.The CP shall direct all business of the chapter and shall represent the chapter in activities and campus events. 5.The CP shall request a letter from the Greek Advisor stating the chapter’s current status, on a semester basis.

5 6.The CP shall keep a file cabinet with copies of all chapter records (i.e. community service letters, reports, agendas, minutes, flyers, orientation information, sisterhood manual, etc.) 7.The CP shall ensure that the chapter is fulfilling its responsibilities. 8.The CP shall follow Internal Controls included in the Sister Manual. 9.The CP shall report to the Area Supervisor. 10.The CP shall have the power to impose fines accordingly, due to non-attendance, lateness, failure to submit reports, and late paperwork. Monies shall be collected by the financial officer of the board to follow internal controls and chain of command. 11.The CP must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.50

6 Preside over all Chapter meetings: Shall lead all Chapter Executive Board meetings Shall run meetings per Robert’s Rules of Order Shall ensure all requests made by the Area Executive Board are fulfilled Shall ensure all chapter officers have submitted required paperwork Shall ensure all chapter officers/members are fulfilling their responsibilities ~Responsibilities

7 Authorized signor of Chapter bank account Shall have signing authority over Chapter Bank account. Shall perform a monthly finance reconciliation with the Chapter treasurer per Internal Controls. Shall request an additional bank statement to be used for chapter reconciliation. ~Responsibilities Cont…

8 Academics Assist the Chapter Academic Chair in creating a chapter academic study plan (i.e. study hours) Assist the Chapter Academic Chair in ensuring that Academic Progress Reports are being filled out and turned into the Chapter Academic Chair, as needed. Create guidelines for Sisters below or on the border line of a 2.50 GPA to ensure that their academics are being prioritized* ~Responsibilities Cont…

9 Due September and February only –Chapter Executive Board Report (and as needed) –Chapter Status Letter (Letter of Good Standing) –Chapter GPA Log Due monthly –Monthly Activities Report October** –Updated Chapter By-Laws November and April only – Demographics Report ~Paperwork

10 Must be in good standing with the school administration and its policies Official mailing address on campus for all correspondence Must have representation at all Area meetings and mandatory national events Develop bylaws by which to follow Weekly Chapter Meetings 4 community service projects per semester Chapter philanthropy 2 different fundraisers per month ~Chapter Requirements

11 2 educational program per semester on campus (1 academically based) 2 educational programs for orientees 1 Program co-sponsored with another active organization on campus Annual Chapter packet Must establish/maintain a bank account All reports listed on the Chapter Paperwork List Fulfill requests by Area/National Directors ~Requirements Cont…

12 Any Other Questions ???

13 630-373-5313

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