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DaimlerChrysler knowledge management strategy

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1 DaimlerChrysler knowledge management strategy

2 Knowledge management strategy.
Designing and installing techniques and processes to create, protect, and use known knowledge. Designing and creating environments and activities to discover and release knowledge that is not known, or tacit knowledge. Articulating the purpose and nature of managing knowledge as a resource and embodying it in other initiatives and programs.

3 History of kM at chrysler.
Financial crisis in 1990 Chrysler layoff plans (effected technical reports, CIE) Chrysler THREE STEP SOLUTION 1.buckets clubs 3.Engineering book of knowledge (EBOK)

4 KM at Daimler Vocational training for skilled workers.
The crisis 0f 1990. Demand for C-E-S class New segment A & M class. 1997-the concept of learning champions.(juergen Hubert) DCU

5 Implementing strategic change at DaimlerChrysler
Merger back ground- Competition from GM,VW Competitor merge -Jaguar (by ford ) ,Saab (by GM ) New strategy aim at : Global overcapacity Changing market Rising cost

6 Knowledge mergers PMI program (post merger integration)
-value of sharing knowledge across company -second project aim at management. Executive of each company assigned one of 12 “issues resolution term”. The PMI system works on DC internal net work with Lotus note.

7 Need for knowledge strategy
Tech clubs (officially known as “community of practice”) were set up in Germany. Knowledge island areas where knowledge management practices is applied. Nuggets bits of knowledge to solve the problem.

8 Other automotive Ford –two factors 1.Calculate actual saving
2.KM program was linked to extensive internet strategy. General motors. -GM university Toyota – Toyota university, outsourced technical education, centralized information gathering.

9 Conclusion Reduces costs by decreasing and achieving economies of scale in obtaining information from external providers. Increases productivity by making knowledge available more quickly and easily. By instituting a learning organization (KM-intensive), there is an increase in employee satisfaction due to greater personal development and empowerment

10 Daimlerchrysler current status
DaimlerChrysler announced on May 14, 2007 that it would sell Chrysler to Cerberus Capital Management of New York, a private equity firm that specializes in restructuring troubled companies.[2] On October 4, 2007 a DaimlerChrysler Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting approved the renaming of the company

11 Thank you

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