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Mission To encourage Entrepreneurial thinking

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1 Entrepreneur Association 1st Year Students Kick-Off Meeting September 30, 2009

2 Mission To encourage Entrepreneurial thinking
through experiential learning; Take the road less traveled… “Learn. Create. Succeed.” Largest student association at UCLA Anderson 800+ members last year MBA, FEMBA and Other schools at UCLA 5 flagship events 6 unique programs 100+ events per year (avg. 3 events per week)

3 Structure

4 Venture Capital Programs
Officers President Karan Kapoor EA Board Treasurer Eric Cheng FEMBA Programs Entrepreneurial Programs Venture Capital Programs Bus. Dev & Strategy Marketing Gohar Galyan Sunny Saran Derek Perlman David Franklin Avani Patel Mike Lui

5 Entrepreneurial Programs Derek Perlman

6 Entrepreneurial Programs Overview
Mission To provide experiential learning, networking, and career opportunities to students, Alumni and members of the community interested in Entrepreneurship Programs Entrepreneurship Week Entrepreneurial Outreach Internship Fair Vistage on Campus Project Echo EA Conference Contact Derek Perlman

7 Entrepreneurship Week
What Is E-Week? E-Week is celebrated across the US in late February (Feb 22 – 26). At Anderson, it is a week of events designed to get students thinking / learning about entrepreneurship and generating new business concepts and businesses Why Is It The Most Awesome Program? E-Week is the premier collaborative event that brings UCLA professional schools together. It is a platform for cross pollination of entrepreneurial ideas, networking, and resources How Can I Get Involved? Several first year director positions (kick-off Oct. 21) Marketing Sponsorship and finance Operations and logistics Liaisons with other UCLA professional schools e.g., Engineering, Theater/Film/TV, Medical, etc.

8 EA Conference May 7, 2010 EA’s flagship event
Keynote speeches from high-profile entrepreneurs Panels by areas of interest Open to the entire UCLA and professional community Owner Manager: Ehrenreich, Smith, Thomas, Amlani Available 1st Year Director Positions Panels (16) Marketing (4) Sponsorship (4) Operations (3) Fast Pitch (2)

9 Entrepreneurial Outreach
Speaker Series – Panelists & Keynotes share their stories D48s – Price Center Board of Advisors 101 Series – What you need to know EIR – Entrepreneurship in Residence – See them in action Owner Manager: Audrey Anhood, Cameron Drummond, Kumar Duraiswamy, James Buck Jordan First Year Director Positions (8-10) Organize and market events Recruit entrepreneurs to participate General (6-8), Finance (1) & Marketing (1)

10 Internship Fair Recruit start-up & entrepreneurial companies
Help classmates score Cool internships and jobs Networking opportunity! Owner Managers: Zach Poag & Nick Degnan Past Event Attendees eSolar, the Rubicon Project, Demand Media, DesiYou… 1st Year Directors Needed Operations Director (1) Company Recruiting Director (8)

Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Do you want the chance to meet some of California’s most successful entrepreneurs? Would you like to have an entrepreneurial mentor throughout your time at Anderson? Do you want to spend time with, and learn from, other current Anderson student entrepreneurs? JOIN US FOR AN INFORMATION SESSION Wednesday, September 30th (TODAY) 5:00 PM Room B313 Business Casual Attire

12 Project Echo Entrepreneurial Spirit, Choice, Hands-On Opportunity
Business plan competition program for local LA H.S. students mentored by Anderson students Owner Managers: Denise Petrulis & Kate Stephenson 12 week program: Week of Nov 9 - Feb 28, 2010 Full-time (12 hour commitment), part-time (6 hours), and individual lesson leaders (1-2 hours) needed Mentor sign-up deadline: Oct 21 Counts toward C4C volunteer hours!

13 Venture Capital Programs David Franklin

14 Venture Capital Programs Overview
Education and Sharing of Ideas Kickoff Event Oct 5th Works w/ organizations like EGSA Tech & Teach Coast Angels PE industry events, learning, connection with IFA 100 Series & eLabs Knapp B-Plan Competition Technology Incubation VC Outreach Private Equity VC101 E-Labs Knapp Prep Series Knapp Deal Review Logistics & Coordination of Competition Formally Tech Transfer Work w/ HTBA, OIP, ITA, CNSI Incubator VC Round Table VC Speaker Series Knapp Judge Recruiting PE Round Table PE 101 Series Collaborates directly w/ IFA Competition Registration Deadline is March 1st, 2010 Responsible for various VC speaker events and Judge Recruiting Collaboration with All of UCLA Is the Key to Success 14 14

The Venture Capital Roundtable is a premier event that attracts over 60 venture capitalists and more than 100 MBA students interested in venture capital. VENTURE CAPITAL SPEAKER SERIES West Coast venture capitalists talk about their path into the industry, walk Anderson students through the VC investment process, and share the highs and lows of fighting on the front lines of building new businesses. OMs Himanshu Agrawal Patrick Mock, Michael Nudelman, Marcos Perez Prasanna Badrinarayanan FEMBA, Nayan Ashar EMBA, Sonal Tambe EMBA FIRST YEAR POSITIONS Four 1st Year Director Positions are available (3 MBAs & 1 FEMBA)

16 Tech Incubation Establishing strong relations with technical community of UCLA, OIP, and Tech Coast Angels to promote innovation, learning and successful business solutions First-Year Positions (2-3 Students) Graduate School/Technical Entrepreneurial Community Liaison Tech Coast Angels Liaison New Programs Development Liaison Contacts Kumar Daidipya Patwa Brent Causey

17 E-Labs Open forum for students to pitch their entrepreneurial ideas to other students to receive feedback and to find new team members for their business ideas Owner Managers: Ron Yang: Giancarlo Brutocao: Adhar Walia: One 1st Year Director Position is available

18 VC 101/Deal Review A 100 series on Venture Capital, with speakers educating and discussing on various facets of the industry. Owner Managers: Ron Yang: Giancarlo Brutocao: Adhar Walia: One1st Year Director Positions are available VC 101 – VC Industry Overview, General Industry Q&A Oct. 14 VC 102 – Case Study: What happens in a pitch to VC’s Nov. 10 VC 103 – Current State of the VC Industry (VC Professional Panel) Jan. 11 VC 104 – VC Professional Q&A Session Feb. 15

19 Knapp Prep First and Second Quarter
Engage students interested in Knapp Venture Competition through networking events and lectures Owner Managers Ron Yang: Giancarlo Brutocao: Adhar Walia: Two 1st Year Director Positions are available Manage “roadshows” at other UCLA professional schools Oversee Knapp Exchange Yahoo! group Plan student-entrepreneur mixer in November Help market Knapp Venture Competition

20 There are 3 First-Year Director Positions Available
Knapp Competition Biz plan competition for new ventures (29th year) Opportunity for Anderson students to partner with alumni, other UCLA grad students, and members of the greater LA community Judges include VC and PE Investors, CEOs, Anderson Professors, Angel/Individual Investors, and Lawyers Stats: 25 Semifinalists, 5 finalists, $30K Prize Money Kickoff: Thursday Nov 5th Owner Managers Mehran Feyz: Thomas Gaeta: Afshin Shirazian: Want to Get Involved? There are 3 First-Year Director Positions Available

21 Private Equity Owner Managers: Andrew Janko and Scott Swisher
Presentation by Professor Mark Garmaise on the history of the private equity industry, current business trends, and prospective outlooks 11/4/09: Private Equity 102(a)(b) Case study with senior investment professionals for PE (a) and real estate PE (b) 1/19/10: Private Equity 103(a) Panel of private equity associates from Los Angeles-based firms for Q&A 2/17/10: Private Equity Roundtable Roundtable networking event and cocktail party featuring 30 private equity firms 4/21/10 and 5/17/10: PE Entrepreneurs Speaker Series Entrepreneurs who have launched their own alternative asset management firms (e.g. PE/VC fund, hedge fund, etc.) discuss the challenges they faced and share lessons of entrepreneurship in the financial services sector

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