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Project Quality Management

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1 Project Quality Management
Ghazala Amin, PMP Thursday, April 06, 2017

2 Project Quality Management
Reference study materials A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), Chapter 8 Study notes Dr. Kerzner’s book, Chapter 23 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

3 Project Quality Management
What to study Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control Cost of Quality Statistical Concepts and Quality Tools Cost Trade-offs Quality Gurus (Crosby, Deming and Juran) Pareto and Fishbone Diagrams 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

4 Project Quality Management
Key Definitions Control Charts Cost of Quality Pareto Diagram Quality Assurance Quality Control Quality Plan Quality Policy Quality Planning Total Quality Management 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

5 Project Quality Management
The Quality Movement Quality is defined by the customer Quality is linked with profitability Quality has become a competitive weapon Quality is now an integral part of strategic planning process Quality requires an organization-wide commitment 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

6 Project Quality Management
What is Quality Quality is: the totality of characteristics of an entity which bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs Quality is not: Excellence, Luxury, Prestige, or Grade 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

7 Project Quality Management
The processes required to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

8 Project Quality Management
Quality Planning Quality planning involves identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project and determining how to satisfy them 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

9 Goals of Quality Program
Customer satisfaction the customer’s feelings about a product or service Fitness for use the product or service is capable of being used Conformance to requirements the condition of the product or service in relation to the customer’s requirements 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

10 Project Quality Management
Quality Gurus Deming, Juran, Crosby 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

11 Deming Cycle for Improvement
Immediate remedies Future Actions Objectives Methods Act Plan Check Do Against Objectives How methods are Executed Train Execute 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

12 Dr. Juran's Quality Philosophy
Juran Trilogy: Quality Improvement, Planning & Control Manufacturer Vs. Customer views: Adherence to Specs Vs. Fitness for Use Legal Implications of Quality: Criminal, Civil, Appropriate Corporate Actions and Warranties 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

13 Crosby’s Four Absolutes of Quality
Quality means conformance to requirements Quality comes from prevention Quality means that the performance standard is “zero defects” Quality is measured by the cost of non-conformance 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

14 Project Quality Management
The Cost of Quality Real Cost of Poor Quality All costs resulting from something not completed correctly the first time! Types of Quality Costs: Internal - defect exists in the product prior to shipment External - defect exists in the product after shipment Appraisal - cost incurred to determine the condition of the product Prevention - costs incurred to reduce failure and appraisal cost 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

15 Conformance Vs. Non-Conformance
Conformance (Quality) Non-Conformance Planning Training and indoctrination Product Design/Validation Process Validation Test and Evaluation Quality Audits Maint./Calibration Field Testing Scrap Rework Material cost (additional) Warranty repairs Complaint handling Liability Judgments Product recall Field Service Expediting 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

16 Project Quality Management
Quality Assurance Quality assurance is the planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system to provide confidence that the project will satisfy relevant quality standards 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

17 Project Quality Management
Quality Control Quality control involves monitoring specific project results to determine if they comply with relevant standards and identifying ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory results 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

18 QA and QC Tools & Techniques
4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

19 Project Quality Management
The Seven QC Tools Identification Analysis Cause and Effect Analysis Trend Data Tables Histograms Scatter Diagrams Pareto Analysis Control Charts 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

20 Cause and Effect - Fishbone Chart
Time Energy Machine Measure Method People Material Environ. Major Defect Identify major and minor causes for the defect Classify in related groups Visualize the group with the most causes 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

21 Project Quality Management
Scatter Diagram Y X Plot the results of two variables Show trends Show distribution around Central tendency Highlight Exceptions (out of tolerance condition) Source of data for the Pareto Chart 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

22 Project Quality Management
Pareto Diagram Primary Purpose: Focus improvement efforts on the most important causes 15 10 5 Noise Wobble Pressure Other Pareto's rule: A large number of defects are the result of a small number of causes. Fix the problems that are causing the greatest number of defects first. 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

23 Project Quality Management
Statistical Sampling Prevention Keep Errors out of production Keep defects from reaching customers Attribute Sampling Conformance or non-conformance 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

24 Project Quality Management
Statistical Sampling Common Vs. Special Causes Common -- Normal process variation Special -- Unusual events Tolerances Acceptance range (product is acceptable or not) Control limits (process is in or out of control) 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

25 Number of defects - Process “A”
Control Chart Number of defects - Process “A” Upper Control 10 8 6 Upper Tolerance 4 2 -2 Lower Tolerance -4 -6 - -8 Lower Control -10 Time Process results over time Process is in control when the number of defects fall within upper and lower control limits. Process adjustments are immediate corrective actions based on QC measure. Process can be improved to meet tighter control limits: Processes in control should not be adjusted. 4/6/2017 Project Quality Management

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