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Industrial Relations and Labor Policy Reforms Committee 2010 Committee Plan.

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1 Industrial Relations and Labor Policy Reforms Committee 2010 Committee Plan

2 CHARTER 1.To provide legal or technical advice to members specially in clarifying and interpreting labor laws and social legislation and influencing policy decisions. 2.To make available information that will promote competency in HR work; and 3.To craft labor policy in coordination with the Thought Leadership Advisory Group.


4 A. NON- FINANCIAL I. LABOR POLICY REFORMS 1. Organize a “Think Tank” composed of former Chairpersons and DICs of the Committee as well as seasoned labor relations practitioners and those from the Academe. The body shall review all pending pieces of legislation and submit its report to the PMAP Board for appropriate action.

5 2. Establish linkage and partnership with the following: 2.1 Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) 2.2 Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO) and the Chairpersons of the Labor Committee in both chambers of Congress 2.3 Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) 2.4 IR Committee of the foreign chambers 2.5 International Labor Organization 2.6 Tripartite Industrial Peace Council

6 3. Review previous studies on proposed amendments to the Labor Code and determine those that can be revived on a “piece- meal” basis.

7 A. NON FINANCIAL II. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 1. Conduct IR Kapihan and/or share- and-learn sessions every quarter 2. Holding of the National Industrial Relations Conference sometime in the 3rd quarter of the year

8 A. NON FINANCIAL II. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 3.Organize a pool of lawyer-writers to contribute articles in the People Manager Magazine featuring Supreme Court decisions on labor cases, current and emerging issues and concerns as well as best practices. 4.Expand the services of the IR Consultancy Bureau to include information gathering and sharing on sensitive issues and developments. Relative thereto, all chapters shall designate representatives to the Bureau.

9 A. NON FINANCIAL 5. Organize a pool of Resource Speakers (Speakers Bureau) for learning sessions to be undertaken by the Committee and/or jointly with the other Committees. II. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS

10 FINANCIAL To generate income or, at least, operate on a self-liquidating budget in conducting the IR Kapihan, IR Summit and learning activities.

11 COMMITTEE MEMBERS Jaime S. Estrada “James” Director-in- Charge Babcock-Hitachi (Phils.), Inc. Danilo P. Pancho “Danny” ChairpersonEdward Keller (Phils.), Inc. Atty. Eliseo M. Zuniga, Jr. “Jon” Deputy Chair, Labor Policy Reforms Quisumbing Torres Law Offices Michelle Cordero-GarciaDeputy Chair, Industrial Relations SGS


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