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Air Structures American Technologies, Inc.

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1 Air Structures American Technologies, Inc.
ASATI Air Structures Pioneers & Leaders In The Air Structure Industry Since 1962 Air Structures American Technologies, Inc. 211 South Ridge Street  |  Rye Brook, New York 10573

2 Air Structures American Technologies, Inc.
For over 47 years ASATI has been a pioneer and innovator in the Air Structure industry ASATI invented the Air Structure in 1962 Our patented systems and superior customer service is the driving factor for our success Let our experienced staff provide you with precise planning and expert advice on your next project! In 1968, founder Dan Fraioli introduced the first cable safety net system that covered a track and field facility at Harvard University.

3 Economical Facilities
ASATI Air Structures are a fraction of the cost of conventional buildings. 1/5 of the cost of Metal Truss Buildings 1/10 of the cost of Brick and Mortar Construction The membrane covers that we use are translucent and utilize solar lighting and heating. Our structure covers naturally allow approximately 30% of the available daylight and heat through the cover resulting in substantial energy savings.

4 Temporary and Permanent Applications
ASATI Air Structures are used every day in a variety of industries. Sports and Recreation Government Temporary Military Structures Emergency Response Enclosures Industrial Construction Agriculture Expositions Air Structures American Technologies, Inc. has a growing list of satisfied customers that utilize our domes for many applications.

5 Why ASATI Air Structures are Superior:
Our structural design is a vital component to the success of our buildings Our patented Bias Safety Cable Net System is an integral part of ASATI's premium air structure design *ASATI domes can withstand MPH winds and have a 50 lbs. per sq. ft. snow load! *No other company in the Air Structure industry can claim that!! No Size limitations! From the deserts of Dubai to the Alaskan Pipeline; ASATI Domes are engineered to handle the most severe weather conditions.

6 ASATI’s Featured Clients
The following is an abbreviated list of our renown clients: We have provided several air structures for the National Football League. The ASATI manufacturing company has currently designed and engineered practice facilities for nine NFL teams. They include the following teams: 2008 Super Bowl Champs New York Giants New York Jets Miami Dolphins 1998 Super Bowl Champs Denver Broncos Seattle Seahawks Chicago Bears Buffalo Bills Philadelphia Eagles Minnesota Vikings

7 Texas Tech University ASATI engineered, manufactured and installed this facility in The total 100,000 square foot structure roof was manufactured in three sections. The entire roof structure was installed and ready for use in three days after site delivery.

8 MSN Training Facility Mr. Fraioli and Team ASATI engineered and manufactured for Bill Gates a turnkey traveling MSN Training Center. This unique air structure could be relocated for installations across the United States for introducing the new MSN program to the general public.

9 Commercial, Industrial & Construction Applications:
From government radar domes to commercial, industrial and construction domes; we have you covered.

10 Let Team ASATI Build The Air Dome Of Your Dreams!
Summary Air Structures American Technologies, Inc. has been providing our clients with first-class clearspan facilities and world-class service for over 47 years. Let Team ASATI Build The Air Dome Of Your Dreams! Thank You For Considering ASATI For Your Facility Needs.

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