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Interone Worldwide 09.01.2014 BRAND DESIGN Report

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1 Interone Worldwide BRAND DESIGN Report

2 Interone Worldwide To be completely in line with the MINI CI you should not use more than 6 teasers on the homepage. Please also make sure that the teaser text is not longer than the image and that you dont cut lines. DONE The teaser image for the model overview is old. BRAND DESIGN REPORT Homepage

3 Interone Worldwide MINI COOPER D is missing, please add if available in your market. BRAND DESIGN REPORT Models Not UA available, correct?

4 Interone Worldwide Model Comparison: MINI Cooper S is still the old one. Please update! BRAND DESIGN REPORT Models DONE

5 Interone Worldwide When clicking the Cabrio Sidewalk module it say Lithuania in the header. Please fix. BRAND DESIGN REPORT MINI Cabrio Sidewalk DONE

6 Interone Worldwide To make the MINI News CI conform you should use a module similar to the example with the usual MINI frames and boarders in place. BRAND DESIGN REPORT News DONE

7 Interone Worldwide Please update MINI Concept. It refers to old models, BRAND DESIGN REPORT MINI Concept

8 Interone Worldwide BRAND DESIGN REPORT John cooper works Old model; please integrate the new one and translate it accordingly.

9 Interone Worldwide BRAND DESIGN REPORT Download Gallery Please insert translations, but we are preparing a new version at the moment, so please wait with the update.

10 Interone Worldwide BRAND DESIGN REPORT Service Please replace the links for Test Drive and request Offer by a contact forms. It is more convenient for the user.

11 Interone Worldwide BRAND DESIGN REPORT Service Delete these TV clips as they are outdated and the licences are expired as well DONE

12 Interone Worldwide Summary Almost completely in line with the MINI CI – please check the homepage Check for updates Contact forms instead of links would be nice Try to use more Planet MINI modules BRAND DESIGN REPORT

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