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“The Trouble with Television”

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1 “The Trouble with Television”

2 About the Author Born in Montreal, Canada
Worked for a children’s show during his early career years Became a broadcast journalist in 1955 MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour – his public television news analysis program. He offered more in-depth reports on important issues. Retired in 1995 and focused on writing fiction. ROBERT MACNEIL

3 Vocabulary Stimulus (n.) – something that rouses action
Inherent (adj.) – natural Diverts (v.) – distracts Usurps (you surps) (v.) – take over August (o gust) (adj.) – honored Prevading (v.) – spreading throughout

4 Purpose for Reading To read, comprehend, and interpret a persuasive essay. To identify persuasive techniques. To build vocabulary in context. To respond to a persuasive essay through writing. To recognize and interpret supporting details.

5 After reading, answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.
What hard question does MacNeil present? (Theme) According to MacNeil, what is the major trouble with television? (Comprehension) To what growing crisis in the United States does MacNeil believe television contributes? (Comprehension) What persuasive technique did MacNeil use to open his essay? To close his argument? EXPLAIN!!! (Comprehension and Identification) What is the “old-fashioned” belief that MacNeil holds? (Comprehension)

6 Questions continued … What do you think MacNeil wants people to do instead of watching television? EXPLAIN!!! (Drawing Conclusions) If MacNeil were president of a television network, what changes in the programming might he make? (Speculate) Are the author’s arguments justified? EXPLAIN!!! (Evaluate) How do you think television could be improved? In what way is it a valuable tool for society? (Generalize)

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