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This is exactly what you will be tested on! Are you ready?

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1 This is exactly what you will be tested on! Are you ready?

2  There are a total of 6-8 passages for 8 th grade.  2-3 Fiction or Poetry passages  3-6 Non-fiction passages

3  There are a total of 57 questions on this test  There are three question areas:  Vocabulary – 6-8 questions (11-14%)  Comprehension – 27-37 questions (47-65%)  Literature – 11-19 questions (19-33%)

4  Students will determine the meaning of unknown words by using dictionary or context clues.  Students will recognize and interpret words with multiple meanings (synonyms or antonyms).  All clues and information needed to answer these questions are in the text.

5  Students will summarize or paraphrase main idea and supporting details. These can be either explicit or implicit. (10-15 ?’s)  Students will make inferences and draw conclusions based on explicit and implied information only in the text. (10-15 ?’s)  Students will evaluate the adequacy, accuracy, and appropriateness of the author’s evidence in a persuasive text. (1-4?’s)

6  Students will distinguish fact from opinion give evidence. (3-6?’s)  Students will critically read and evaluate to determine the author’s purpose (and support for that purpose), point of view (identify 1 st person or 3 rd person omniscient, but not define these words), audience, and message (main idea). (3-7?’s)

7  Students will analyze a character’s traits, emotions or motivations and give supporting evidence from the text. (2-6 ?’s)  Students will analyze and evaluate how figurative language and literary devices contribute to the meaning of the text (understanding not defining terms). (1-5?’s)

8  Students will respond to and analyze the effects of sound, form, figurative language and graphics in order to uncover meaning in poetry (understand the author’s use of these terms and how that relates to the passage, not define the terms). (1-5?’s)  Identify and explain analogies (comparison), similes, and metaphors. (1-5?’s)

9  Students will respond to literature using ideas and details from the text to support reactions and make literary connections. (7- 10?’s)  All connections are limited to the information provided in the text, not from other knowledge.

10  Match the standard with the test question!

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