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Do Now Political Cartoon CBS. Changes in Society For each of the following, work with a partner to come up with things you think changed as a results.

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1 Do Now Political Cartoon CBS

2 Changes in Society For each of the following, work with a partner to come up with things you think changed as a results of the attacks of 9/11. – Preparedness – Vigilance – Prejudice

3 Gov’t Response to 9/11 Department of Homeland Security – Reorganized Department of Defense & Created New Cabinet Position

4 Gov’t Response to 9/11 Military Commissions – Military tribunals to prosecute Gitmo detainees “enemy combatants” - Not the same as US courts “Gitmo” – Detained suspected terrorist at Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) Military Base

5 Gov’t Response to 9/11 USA Patriot Act – Increased gov’ts ability to combat terrorism

6 Bush - Domestic “Bush” Tax Cuts (2001/2003) – Reduced rates on income tax, capital gains, dividends – Controversial – passed under surplus, then deficit Too much going to the top?

7 Bush - Domestic “No Child Left Behind” – Attempted to improve primary and secondary schools through mandatory sanctions on schools not meeting federal performance standards (AYP) – Close “achievement gap” – Controversy – mandates without funding? Too much emphasis on testing?

8 Bush - Domestic Partial-Birth Abortion Ban – Prohibited a form of late-term abortion (intact dilation & extraction) – In 2000, accounted of 0.17% of abortions Faith-based welfare programs – Gave $ to “faith” groups engaged in welfare-like programs

9 Bush - Domestic Supreme Court Nominations – New Chief Justice John Roberts seen as moderate conservative – Nominated Harriet Myers, but has to withdraw her name when even his own party questions her qualifications – Nominates staunch conservative Samuel Alito to S.C.

10 Bush - Domestic Medicare Part D – Extended Medicare (healthcare for elderly) to include prescription drugs – Problems – plans confusing, gov’t couldn’t negotiate lower prices for drugs, cost billions of dollars, “Donut Hole”

11 Bush - Domestic 2004 Presidential Election – Democratic Candidates – John Kerry / John Edwards – Major Issues – War in Iraq, Economy

12 Bush - Domestic 2004 Presidential Election – Campaign Ads – “Swiftboating” – – Results

13 Bush - Domestic Social Security Reform – Attempted to allow partial privatization (personal accounts) of Social Security – made this the centerpiece of his 2 nd term – Strong Opposition – Fails to pass

14 Bush - Domestic Immigration Reform – Attempted twice to pass legislation creating a temporary work programs and a “path to citizenship” for the millions of illegal immigrants in the US – Faced major opposition in his own party – Legislation Failed

15 Bush - Domestic 2006 Midterm Elections – Democrats across the country defeat Republicans – Take majority control of House and close gap in Senate – Essentially makes Bush a “lame duck”

16 Bush - Domestic Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 – Economy slowing down, Country seemed on road to Recession – Sent “Rebate Checks”(single $600 / married $1200)

17 Bush - Domestic Economic Meltdown of 2008 – Housing & Financial Crisis leads to Great Recession Multiple Causes over the course of many years – Major Banks Failing – TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) Gov’t “bailout” of banks – provided loans

18 Bush - Foreign War in Afghanistan – Invaded & overthrew Al-Qaeda harboring Taliban government – Helped to set up new government and train military & police – US has fought against a decade long insurgency since Over 2,000 Americans dead, over 20,000 injured Civilian Deaths – tens of thousands Cost – Over $600B

19 Bush - Foreign PEPFAR (Africa) – President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief – Provides Money ($15B) for AIDS Treatment & Prevention – Estimated to have saved at least 1-2 million lives

20 Bush - Foreign Colombia – Granted assistance to Colombian government and military to fight off paramilitary groups and drug cartels – Went from a near failed state to one of staunchest allies of US in South America

21 Bush - Foreign India – Signed nuclear non-proliferation treaty with India – Strengthened trade relationship with growing economic power

22 Bush - Foreign China – Maintained strong trade relationship with “superpower in waiting” despite disagreements (Iraq, Taiwan) – Helped diffuse potential conflict with Taiwan

23 Bush - Foreign War in Iraq – Bush deemed Saddam Hussein’s attempts to develop WMD a threat – pre- emptive strike necessary to prevent – Failed to get UN Approval, Created Coalition of the Willing – Invaded and overthrew Saddam Hussein – Spent several years setting up a government, training the military, and fighting an Iraqi insurgency – Over 4,000 Americans killed, over 30,000 wounded – Civilian deaths – Est. over 100,000 – Total Cost – Est. $800B – SURGE – put more troops into Iraq to stabilize the situation despite great opposition

24 Bush - Other Plame Incident – involved the identification of Valerie Plame Wilson as a covert CIA officer by Richard Armitage. – Mrs. Wilson's relationship with the CIA was formerly classified information. The disclosure was made in a Washington Post column titled "Mission to Niger" written by Robert Novak, and published on July 14, 2003. – Mrs. Wilson's husband, former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, has stated his opinion in various interviews and subsequent writings (as listed in his 2004 memoir The Politics of Truth) that members of then President George W. Bush's administration revealed Mrs. Wilson's covert status as retribution for his op-ed titled "What I Didn't Find in Africa," published in The New York Times on July 6, 2003

25 Bush - Other Gonzalez Resignation – Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns amid accusations that 7 US Attorney were fired to prevent prosecution of Republicans or for not investigating Democrats aggressively – Firings were found to be inappropriately political, not criminal (2010)

26 Bush - Other Abu Ghraib Prison – Pictures abuse at Iraqi prison become public Physical, psychological and sexual abuse – reports of rape, torture, sodomy, and homicide – Public at home and abroad disgusted by conduct depicted – 17 removed from duty – 2 sentenced to 3/10 years

27 Bush - Other Katrina Response – Hurricane Katrina hits gulf coast in 2005 – Levees overflow, many areas flooded including New Orleans – Federal response, particularly FEMA, is slow and delayed – Many stuck in New Orleans without provisions – Congress approves $10.5B initial aid package (and $51B later) – FEMA’s response in weeks after criticized FEMA Director Michael Brown resigns (had little emergency exp.) – Bush criticized for “Fly Over”, Brown appointment, and delayed federal response – 238 people dead

28 Bush Doctrine “America First” Unilateralism – If needed, we will act alone (without UN) Attacking Countries that Harbor Terrorists – Make no distinction between terrorists, and the nations that harbor them Pre-emptive Strikes – Take fight to the enemy overseas before they can attack us here – Confront threats before they fully materialize Democratic Regime Change – Advance liberty and hope as an alternative to the enemy’s ideology of repression and fear – Advance freedom around world

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