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To My Dear and Loving Husband -Anne Bradstreet- Bryan Pfiester.

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1 To My Dear and Loving Husband -Anne Bradstreet- Bryan Pfiester

2 The Life Married at age 16 (1628) to Simon Bradstreet. Emigrated to America in 1630 on the Arabella. Thomas Dudley was Deputy-Governor of Boston, Mass. Simon Bradstreet acted as Chief-Administrator. Born in 1612 to Thomas Dudley and Dorothy Yorke.

3 The Life, cont’d. Turned to religion during hardships in the New World. Anne suffered from paralysis in her joints, but still helped her husband build a home and gave birth to eight children. Her home later was engulfed in flames, inspiring her other well-known poem, “Upon The Burning of Our House”.

4 The Life, cont’d. Simon traveled frequently. Anne took solace in her father’s library. Anne wrote poetry in secret. She did not intend on her work being published. Anne’s friend, Anne Hutchison, made her views public and was banish from the community. John Woolbridge, her brother-in-law, secretly copied her work for publication.

5 The Death Mrs. Bradstreet contracted tuberculosis and died after a long battle with the disease on September 16, 1672, in Andover, Mass. At age 60.

6 The Poetry Anne’s work was heavily focused on her life experiences and her love for her family. She is considered the first American poet. Her poems somewhat challenge Puritan beliefs, and she may be considered an early feminist.

7 To My Dear and Loving Husband Essentially conveys the love she feels for her husband. Speaks of love conquering death. Somewhat challenges Puritanism.

8 Interesting Facts About the Author First settled in Salem, Mass., the location of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Her husband, Simon was later buried here. Anne moved from home to home an estimated seven times during her lifetime, mostly at Simon’s urging. Bradstreet’s father and husband were essential to the founding of Harvard University. Some of her children were graduates and The Bradstreet Gate is still part of the campus today.

9 Interesting Facts, cont’d. Bradstreet struggled with illness for most of her life. She had smallpox, a paralytic disease, tuberculosis and other ailments during her lifetime. Four years after Bradstreet’s death, Simon married another woman, also named Anne. The majority of Bradstreet’s poems, and nearly all of the ones studied today, were published after her death.

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