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NUMBER UP TO 100,000 CHAPTER 1 BY M.Veerasakdi Leotsopha.

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2 NUMBER UP TO 100,000 CHAPTER 1 BY M.Veerasakdi Leotsopha

3 WARM UP ! Guess Your number ! number Guess My number ! number

4 OBJECTIVES 1. Be able to read numbers to hundred thousand 2. Be able to identify the place value of each digit in numbers up to one hundred thousand 3. Know how to write a number in word form

5 VOCABULARY 1. Recognise = to identify / prove 2. Place value = the position of a single digit in a whole number 3. Ten Thousands = place value of digit ten thousand 4. Thousands = place value of digit thousand 5. Hundreds = place value of digit hundred 6. Tens = place value of digit ten 7. Ones = place value of digit one 8. Numerals = symbols or mark used to represent a number 9. Number name = express numbers in words 10. Expanded form = the sum of each digit

6 11. Comparing = to describe something as similar 12. Ordering = the way in which things are arranged 13. Ascending order = arrange from smallest to largest 14. Descending order = arrange from largest to smallest 15. Successor = the number that comes just after 16. Predecessor = the number that comes just before 17. Rounding off = to estimate 18. Estimation = approximation 19. Sum of = to combine two things or more 20. Difference of = left over from subtraction 21. Wrap up = conclusion

7 Ex.1.1 Read the numeral shown ….. Thirty thousand five hundred forty seven Forty thousand two hundred seventy Eleven thousand one hundred forty seven Sixty three thousand twenty five Twenty four thousand five hundred sixty seven Thirty four thousand two hundred thirteen TTh Th HT O TTh Th HT OTTh Th HT O TTh Th HT O TTh Th HT O TTh Th HT O Page 3

8 B. Represent the following ….. TTh Th HT O 1.36, , ,543 Thirty six thousand fifteen TTh Th HT O Fifty six thousand five hundred forty three Page 3

9 READ THIS NUMBER 133,472 One hundred thirty-three thousand, four hundred seventy-two

10 READ THIS NUMBER 643,582 Six hundred forty-three thousand, five hundred eighty-two

11 READ THIS NUMBER 54,931 Fifty-four thousand, nine hundred thirty-one

12 READ THIS NUMBER 530,801 Five hundred thirty thousand, eight hundred one

13 READ THIS NUMBER 4,268 Four thousand, two hundred sixty-eight

14 READ THIS NUMBER 305,108 Three hundred five thousand, one hundred eight

15 C. Write the numeral for the number name. 1. Forty-five thousand six hundred nineteen = 45, Ninety-nine thousand five hundred sixty = 99, Thirty-five thousand nine hundred ninety-nine = 35, Fourteen thousand nine = 14, Twenty-eight thousand one hundred fourteen = 28, Sixty-four thousand six hundred forty-eight = 64,648 Page 4

16 D.R ead the numeral and write number names 1. 46,349 = Forty six thousand three hundred forty nine 2. 39,600 = Thirty nine thousand six hundred 3. 78,919 = Seventy eight thousand nine hundred nineteen 4. 84,743 = Eighty four thousand seven hundred forty three Page 4 No. E & F No. E & F

17 Ex.1.2 A. Write the number names……. 1)150,905 = One hundred fifty thousand nine hundred five 2)782,990 = Seven hundred eighty two thousand nine hundred ninety 3)999,999 = Nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine 4)439,646 = Four hundred thirty nine thousand six hundred forty six 5)791,875 = Seven hundred ninety one thousand eight hundred seventy five 6)356,489 = Three hundred fifty six thousand four hundred eighty nine Page 5

18 TTh Th HT O 1) 2) Three hundred twenty thousand three hundred twenty two TTh Th HT O One hundred twenty three thousand four hundred twenty five HTh B. To represent a 6 digit …………. Page 5

19 C. Read the 6- digit numeral and ….. TTh Th HT O TTh Th HT O HTh 524, ,215 Page 5 No. D & E < Skip >

20 Math Racing Games Math Racing Games W o r k s h e e t 1 W o r k s h e e t 2

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