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Captain Jaggery Character Trait

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1 Captain Jaggery Character Trait
By Thomas James

2 Cruel CJ is cruel because he shot Mr.Cranick and whipped Zachariah so hard that It almost killed him. He wanted to hang Charlotte. He was accused for Hollybrass Murder

3 Clever CJ is pretty clever in some ways like, when Charlotte was in trial and he ask clever questions. Also when Mr.Hollybrass was murdered he cleverly thought of a way to blame Charlotte. Also when Hollybrass was stabbed using Charlottes dirk, he thought of a clever way to blame Charlotte because it was her dirk he used to stab Hollybrass.

4 Serious CJ was serious when Charlotte told that there was a pistol and a round robin in the trunk. Also when charlotte showed the dirk to CJ,he got serious.

5 Bossy CJ is bossy in some ways because he tells his crew what to do.

6 Conclusion Thank you for watching my presentation about Captain Jaggery from book The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.

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