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The Captive Joyce Hansen.

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1 The Captive Joyce Hansen

2 Presented By: Joey Housos Justin Runner David Byers Morgan Traeger

3 Characters Kofi-A 12 year old prince of a tribe in Ashanti Kingdom, West Africa. Manu- Kofi’s oldest brother. Mrs.Brown- Helped Kofi try to get home. Tim- Is a yellow haired boy whose a slave and friends with Joe and Kofi. Joe- Joe was Kofi’s first friend while he was in slavery.

4 Setting -The Captive takes place in Ashanti Kingdom,West Africa, and the ship the Bria.

5 Key Events Kofi got captured. Kofi got married to a girl named Ama.
Kofi got his flute stolen. They went to Kumasi for the annual ceremony in honor of the Ashanti Kings of past and present. Kofi was the first mate on the Bria ship. The man who had Kofi father murdered was Oppong.

6 Problem Kofi was captured by slave traders. Kofi has his flute stolen.
Kofi never saw his home again.

7 Solution 1.The solution is Kofi gets rescued by Tim,Joe, and Mrs.. Brown. 2.He asked who the boy was, and he asked for the flute back, and got back. 3.He escaped with his friends.

8 Mood The mood was sad because he was captured by white traders and separated from his family and tribe.

9 Tone The tone of the story is serious and sad because Kofi gets captured and he becomes a slave.

10 Theme The theme of The Captive is how hard it was to be a slave.The white people were cruel to the slaves, like they would whip them if they did something wrong.

11 How we liked the story Joey-I thought the story was boring because it didn’t really tell good information. David-I thought the story wasn’t that good because it was boring. Morgan- I thought the story was boring because it didn’t catch my interest. Justin-I thought it was boring because it didn’t have any action.

12 Conclusion Kofi and and his friends became free and joined the family of Captain Cuff at Westport,Massachusetts in 1970.

13 What type of story this was
The Captive was a fiction story. It was an adventure book.

14 Review Joey-1.5 David-1 Justin-1 Morgan-1



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