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By: Alex W., Hunter W., Paige W., Kathleen R., and Riley B. Jack London.

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1 By: Alex W., Hunter W., Paige W., Kathleen R., and Riley B. Jack London

2 ChapterEvent/ConflictOutcome/ResultLesson Learned 1Manuel sells Buck.Buck begins his journey from domesticated dog to wild dog. Do not trust man. 1Man with red sweater beats Buck with a club because Buck attacked him. Buck retreats.Life isn’t fair and always beware of the man with the club.

3 ChapterEvent/ConflictOutcome/ResultLesson Learned 2Buck was trying to find a warm place to sleep during a cold, winter night so he wouldn’t freeze. Learning from the other dogs, he dug a deep hole in the snow to sleep in. Pay attention to the ways of other people. 2The people repeatedly were whipping Buck. Soon the people began to honor him. Stay strong when others are hurting you.

4 ChapterEvent/ConflictOutcome/ResultLesson Learned 3Buck and Spitz get in a fight, the kind where only one dog survives. Buck won the fight, as everyone watched Spitz lying motionless on the ground, slowly being covered by snow. Always try and fight your hardest. 3Starving dogs attack the camp for food. The dogs and men attack, but most of the starving dogs get away. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

5 ChapterEvent/ConflictOutcome/ResultLesson Learned 4Buck replaces Spitz as leader of the dog- sled team. Buck is leader because of the confidence he has and because he killed Spitz. Always be prepared for what is coming. 4As result of the many miles they traveled, something becomes wrong with Dave. The men check for broken bones in Dave, but there are none. While traveling, Dave fell on the ground and stayed there, howling. Live life to the fullest every day you live.

6 ChapterEvent/ConflictOutcome/ResultLesson Learned 5Buck and the other dogs are very sore and tired because of the many miles they have run. Because of all the dogs’ tiredness, they were sold to Hal and Charles, whom they did not like very much. If your body is not healthy, do not push it too hard. 5Hal and Charles would not let the dogs rest, forcing them to run when they were exhausted. When problems began to happen and the wagon lost it’s items, Buck and the dogs kept going on a rage. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

7 ChapterEvent/ConflictOutcome/ResultLesson Learned 6John Thornton rescued Buck in the beginning of Spring. Thornton lets Buck get rest, eat, and gain his strength. Never give up on hope. 6Buck drags a thousand pounds of flour on a sled by himself. John Thornton receives 1,600 dollars. Hard work pays off.

8 ChapterEvent/ConflictOutcome/ResultLesson Learned 7The tribe kills John and his friends. Buck gets revenge by killing important members of the tribe. Love overpowers all. 7Buck meets up with his wolf brother. Buck becomes part of the pack and embraces the call of the wild. Be true to yourself.

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