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CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution Nokia Bridge Stakeholder material May 16, 2011.

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1 CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution Nokia Bridge Stakeholder material May 16, 2011

2 CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution Bridge aims to create meaningful opportunities for individuals and local economies 3 rd priority: Support Nokia’s new strategy and ecosystem 1 st priority: Assist individuals and teams to utilize their capabilities to the fullest Bridge priorities 2 nd priority: Continue to build the local econo- mies where Nokia plays a driver role

3 CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution Bridge is structured in two major elements Support transition of individuals Support local innovation Bridge Financial benefits Re-employ- ment support Nokia Ecosystem innovation External innovation Direct financial packages In-direct financial support (e.g., relocation) Training and re-education Counselling Job opportunity identification Training, support, and coaching Nokia technology and expertise sharing Spin-offs from core business Expert networks and connections Grants Venture capital financing

4 CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution Local Bridges lead and coordinate the program at the site level, drawing support from partners Severance packages Education & scholarships Career counseling & job search support Proactive “job creation” with partners Nokia trainings, fairs & other events Keeping people active (including counseling) Research programs Early stage funding Innovation Bridge Growth Venture financing Entre- preneuship support Asset Releases Spin-offs Grants Helpdesk for innovation Local shaping of Bridge support Physical meeting places TransitionInnovation Local Bridges driving the program Acceleration of business creation Nokia global support to Bridge Nokia’s partners Local entrepreneurship communities Public stakeholders

5 5 Confidential Päivyt Tallqvist, Saara Tahvanainen (media); Anna Saura (internal) Services Unit F&C /Unit FPR : Ville Vieltojärvi MP: Hara Ilkka / Alaniva Antti Markets: Frondaroli Carlo/ Kukkonen Helena SD : McCarty Mike/ Hietarinta Miikka CTO / COF : Uskela Sami, M. K-H. / M. K- H. Nokia Bridge Organization Global Bridge leader Robert Andersson Lead the overall Bridge Program Reports to Juha Äkräs’ Change Task Force Communications Anna Saura, Saara T. HR head Jennifer Rawsthorn Maintain HR policies and guidelines Bridge-type HR support in non-Bridge sites Lead communications on Bridge Build and support Bridge websites F&C controller Susanna Honka F&C structure and controller for Bridge F&C point of contact Global coordination roles Oulu Markku Hiltunen Tampere Seppo Haataja Salo Jukka Juva Capital region Matti Vänskä Copenhagen Peter Ib UK Andrew Cooper Bangalore Rohit Arya Cluj Tiberiu Valean Local Bridges (does not include full local teams) USA Scott Cooper HR – Job oppor. Samuli Kivikko Manage incoming larger job offers Outwards connections to pot. employees Bridge F&C head Mervi K-H Manage and oversee Bridge Finance & Control Interact with key stakeholders at global level Legal Leena Siirala Identification of legal issues, coordination of relevant experts, global alignment of legal approaches. HR : F&C: Legal: Escalation HR: INS contact: Comms: Workplace resources: Kati Lammi Minna Mäkinen Kenneth Klas Kati Suupohja Timo Ylinen Salla Jämsä TBD Sirpa Lindholm Neil Wilks Anna Wahlroos - Morten Boerch Oskar Södergren Ulf Jonsson Heather Garrett Taru Hichisson Genevieve Silveroli - Kate Hibbert Mark Squires Simon Francis Sanjeev Prasad Chin Ivy D Indragiri Anu Pires Syed Afroze Poonam Kaul Sanjeev Tuli G. Pankler Taru Hichisson Patrik Hammaren Roxana Milas Melinda Kovacs Anna Simai Holger Mannhardt Carrie Roberts (US) Lisa Trusty (E-Coast) Desiree Seager (W-Coast) TBD Sean Murphy - TBD Laurie Armstrong Suzanne Leblanc (East Coast) Becky Locke (West Coast) Local Bridge Leader Change Task Force Juha Äkräs NLT Sponsor Esko Aho Overall NLT sponsor of Bridge Global Change Task Force leader responsible for all Change Themes in Nokia Employment legal support - First point contact in all HR related matters Global: Pia Sirola and Pasi Lehtinen US Tina Kremenezky Workpl. Res. (WR) Bethany Davis Provides global support in WR related matters, coordinates with local WR Vision Fund Tero Ojanperä Take forward the Vision Fund concept HR- Outplacement Carita Poussa Develop outplacement support systems Support sites with Nokia talent mapping material Milla Auniola Nina Vähäsarja Tom Southerington Aapo Pispa (Ville Valtonen) Juha Vahviala Ollipekka Huotari

6 CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution

7 Supporting continuing employment We are doing our best internally to support re- employment within Nokia in e.g., Windows phone development We have efficient tools (Internal Job Market “IJM”) and procedures to internal career rotation 1. Find a new job within Nokia

8 CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution Outplacement services for individual ex-Nokia employees Extensive efforts to match Nokia talent with external job offers, including job portal, career counseling support, job fairs and other outplacement services Interested companies can work together with our local outplacement partners to find the best candidates for their open positions “ Batch” job offers We are in active partnering discussions with companies looking to hire larger groups of affected Nokia employees, for example to establish a new team or site Interested companies should contact the local Bridge leaders for further support 2. Find a new job outside Nokia

9 CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution 3. Start a new business Entrepreneurship support Grants and guarantees to support new businesses Partnering with local relevant players to provide “boot camp” and helpdesk type of support for potential entrepreneurs. Asset releases and spin-offs Supporting local innovation by releasing assets (e.g., ideas and technologies) or creating spin-offs from whole teams Partnering with local players to make the process as smooth as possible (e.g., Innovation Mill with Technopolis in Finland) Acceleration of business creation Nokia is searching new ways to accelerate new business creation and have positive impact to the affected communities Co-investors and other type of partners invited

10 CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution 4. Learn something new Nokia supports locally driven initiatives for creating opportunities that enable people to learn something new Examples of this could include: Education programs Tailored training programs (e.g., Silverlight) Completing a new or unfinished degree Nokia seeks to partner with other public and private players (often locally) who are able to co-fund options or help execute them

11 CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution 5. Create your own path Nokia supports locally driven initiatives for creating opportunities that enable people to create their own path Examples of possible new paths could include: Creating new R&D programs employing ex-Nokia employees Supporting work in a not-for-profit organization Other – creative ideas are welcome!! Nokia’s role is mostly a “matchmaker” to create these paths and sharing information. In some cases, Nokia also acts as an “enabler” investor / supporter seeking maximum leverage from relevant partners Local Bridges will partner with local players to create the options

12 CONFIDENTIAL - not for wide distribution Local Bridge Leaders responsible for organizing the Bridge activities at each site Bridge siteBridge leaderLocal HR contact OuluMarkku HiltunenMilla Auniola TampereSeppo HaatajaKati Lammi SaloJukka JuvaKenneth Klas Finland capital regionMatti VänskäSalla Jämsä CopenhagenPeter IbNeil Wilks UKAndrew CooperHeather Garrett BangaloreRohit AryaSanjeev Prasad ClujTiberiu ValeanGeorgiana Pankler USAScott CooperLisa Trusty- White Plains Desiree Seager -San Diego Local Bridges are in the driver’s seat Local Bridges are the first point of contact regarding all enquiries of a particular site (media, internal, external partners) The local Bridge leaders, supported by local teams, are responsible for driving and coordinating all efforts together with local partners and stakeholders

13 SECRET – for scenario planning purposes only, subject to change 13 © 2010 Nokia Local Bridge’s to serve as a place for people to connect with others and learn more about job, training and entrepreneurship opportunities Open space for people to connect Working space, computers and announcement boards Local Bridge representatives able to assist with practical questions Representatives from local partners (e.g, ELY-centers, business promotion agencies) Premises for start-ups, spin-offs, partner pre-incubators and local partners to operate (as needed) Local Bridges are physical meeting placesWhat can be found at the Bridges? Recruiting fairs and sessions for companies to connect with people CV clinics, career counseling sessions Entrepreneurship informing sessions Counseling sessions, sports activities, other networking & social events What activities take place at the Bridge?

14 SECRET – for scenario planning purposes only, subject to change 14 Concretely, Bridge is about supporting people in following their chosen paths We have studied past re-employment projects to determine the most impactful ways to sustainably and rapidly re-employ affected persons Bridge program created based on the findings: A voluntary platform of support once the former work ends – not a “centre” Focus on wide reaching search and creative creation of re-employment opportunities Heavy emphasis on supporting entrepreneurship through e.g., training, asset releases, funding Global, but locally driven initiative with respected seniors leaders of each site creating the program together with the affected persons Created together with local partners – key points where collaboration needed highlighted in blue

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