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What is the culture of an organisation? Dr. Sibylle Hielscher.

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1 What is the culture of an organisation? Dr. Sibylle Hielscher

2 Diagnosis of an organisation What does it mean to do a diagnosis? The term diagnosis has been taken from the field of medicine. Many people asccociate with diagnosis the understanding of symptoms of weakness and disease. This is not what is meant here. -What is the aim? Diagnosis of an organisation means to have an overview and understanding of a system. The aim of having an overview is to find discrepancies in between the IS and the SHOULD BE. The aim of having an understanding is to find explanations for the discrepancies. The clients or parners of diagnosis are taking the role of researchers and explorers who want to learn ways to improve. They are not taking the role of patients that are waiting for a cure.

3 Definitions Pragmatic Definition The definition of the culture of an organisation in a pragmatic way means to see it as the way and the method in which an organisation is functionin- - to say it in short: Everything that is seen as „normal“, „taken for granted“ by the members of the organisation. Academic Definition The definition of organisational culture in an academic way is to understand the sum of the norms, values and way to thinking that is shared in an organisation on all hierarchichal levels.

4 Interpretations Interpretation of manifestions Related to meaning Impact and aims -- The way in which the members see themselves Contents The contents of organisational culture Consist of all Ways of seeing that, Are shared by the Members of the organisation (e.g. expectations) Manifestations Objects The way of speaking sayings stories values philosophy behaviour Similar ways to Do tasks, emotions atmosphere

5 Summary The diagnosis of an organisation combines different aspects and ways of seeing to gain new insights. Concrete observation is used to identify characteristics and to understand the messages of organisational culture that determine the philosophy and identity of an organisation.

6 The basic idea The basic underlying idea is that the identity of an organisation is not to be found behind certain characteristics but that the characteristics themselves show it. The way in which a building has been constructed coigns it identity, the living actual identity. It is possible that this identity is not the same as the one that is found in the theoretical official version.

7 Continuation Which politics is standing behind the structure of an organisation? What is typical for the guidelines, prinicipals and strategies? Which marketing slogan is describing the identity of an organisation? If all characteristics are compared in the end, discuss how coherent and harmonious they are: Which emotions are they provoking and which recommendations would you give?

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