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Enrollment Reporting 2011-12 School Year Changes WASBO ABC Committee Meeting October 26, 2011 Becky McLean OSPI - School Apportionment and Financial Services.

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1 Enrollment Reporting School Year Changes WASBO ABC Committee Meeting October 26, 2011 Becky McLean OSPI - School Apportionment and Financial Services (360)

2 Agenda  High Poverty Funding.  Running Start 1.20 FTE.  ALE Enrollment Reporting.

3 High Poverty Funding  Biennium Operating Budget provides (Section 502(2)(c)(ii)): For each level of prototypical school at which more than fifty percent of the students were eligible for free and reduced-price meals in the prior school year, the superintendent shall allocate funding based on the following average class size of full-time equivalent students per teacher: Grades K-3 ……

4 High Poverty WAC  New WAC drafted: – High Poverty funding – Process and definition of eligible schools.  CR103E in place.  CR101 in process. Public hearing in December (TBD).  Link to new WAC:

5 High Poverty School Eligibility Determination  Using October CEDARS data.  Pull school with K-6 grades (prototypical) & c alculate FRLP percentage – FRLP enrollment ÷ School enrollment.  Eligibility determination: – Schools over 50%. – Schools with K-3 enrollment. – Schools not receiving Remote and Necessary funding. – Districts not receiving K-6 Small School funding.

6 Posting of High Poverty School Eligibility List  Preliminary list posted in April – based on March 31 st extract.  Second list posted in August – based on July 30 th extract.  Final list posted in early October – based on September 30 th extract.  List available in SAFS main page.

7 Reporting High Poverty Enrollment  Report K-3 enrollment in eligible High Poverty Schools in both: – Total K-12 District columns. – Eligible High Poverty columns.  Report total Headcount in High Poverty Schools – regardless if only partially enrolled.

8 Running Start 1.2 FTE Limitation  Biennium Operating Budget provides (Section 502(18)): Beginning in the school year, students participating in running start programs may be funded up to a combined maximum enrollment of 1.2 FTE including school district and institution of higher education enrollment.  Bulletin No issued July 26, 2011 with joint (SBCTC/OSPI) clarification document and NEW Running Start enrollment verification form.

9 Summary of RS 1.2 FTE Limitation  Beginning Sept 1 st : – RS students limited to a 1.20 combined high school/college FTE. – Neither high school or college can exceed 1.0 FTE. – Students taking high school & skills center classes that exceeds 1.0 FTE can take 0.20 RS FTE.  FTE that exceeds 1.2 will be subject to tuition charges by college.

10 Implementation of RS 1.2 FTE Limitation  Running Start Enrollment Verification Form to be completed student/ parents, high school & college.  Outlines the new funding limits.  Ensures that all parties understand the possibility of incurring tuition costs.

11 Winter/Spring College Quarter Implications  Exceeding 1.2 FTE in January. – College begins Winter quarter. – High School in 1 st Semester.  Exceeding 1.2 AAFTE. –September – high school counts FTE. –June – college counts FTE.  OSPI working on guidance for districts and colleges. Look for addendum to bulletin.  For winter quarter, complete RS Verification form with 2 nd Semester high school schedule.

12 ALE Changes  Students claimed for greater than a 0.8 FTE must be reported for AYP.  Intervention plan must be in place within 5 school days after unsatisfactory evaluation. – No longer required to report actual hours.  ALE funding reduction. – Student meeting the minimum contact time – 90% funding. – Students not meeting the minimum contact time – 80% funding.

13 Intervention Plan  Intervention plan must be in place within 5 school days after unsatisfactory progress.  5 school days do not include evaluation day. – Evaluation done on Monday must be in place by following Monday.  If not in place, remove student from district count. –Determine month to remove student by month of evaluation.

14 Intervention Plan  For the following month, the slate is wiped clean.  Count the student regardless of last month’s intervention plan.  If evaluation plan showed progress, no need to adjust.  If evaluation plan is unsatisfactory, intervention plan must be in place within 5 school days.  Or remove them from that month’s count….

15 ALE Minimum Contact Time Requirements Face to Face Contact  WAC Section 8.  Face to Face contact. – Based on estimated weekly hours in Written Student Learning Plan. >15 hours - 1 hour of contact per week. /= 5 hours - 30 minutes of contact per week. < 5 hours - 15 minutes of contact per week.

16 ALE Minimum Contact Time Requirements Synchronous Digital Contact  Synchronous digital contact. – Real-time communication between a certificated teacher and the student using interactive on-line, voice, or video communication technology. – Entire WSLP comprises of online courses.

17 ALE Minimum Contact Time Requirements School Week Definition  School week is any week that includes one or more school days based on schedule.  Number of weeks in a month is based on weeks that actually end in the month.  Time requirement is not adjusted/prorated for weeks fewer than 5 school days – holidays/in service days.  Contact time can be accomplished in one sitting or in multiple sittings.

18 ALE Reporting Flowchart

19 ALE Reporting Requirement  ALE reporting required in 2 EDS applications: – SAFS ALE – enrollment by program & home district. – P-223 – all ALE program summarized & reported by resident/serving district.  ALE enrollment numbers should match/equal in both applications.  Report entire ALE FTE – ALE funding will be reduced based on FTE reported.  Report ALE Headcount enrolled in ALE programs – regardless if also enrolled in brick/mortar school.  Due date for both applications – the 10 th of the following month.

20 SAFS ALE Reporting  To report ‘Meeting Contact Time’, certify monthly that program is designed & implemented to meet the minimum contact time – answer question before inputting monthly data.  Report enrollment by ‘home district’ – defined as district student resides regardless of choice.  Create program under ‘Program Management’. Identify program type: – Parent Partnership, Digital Online, Contract Base.

21 SAFS ALE Reporting continues  Run ALE reports under ‘ALE Reports’.  In June, complete ‘Year End ALE Report’.  Two reporting status: –In Process at District. –Submitted to OSPI.  To revise a file, file must be returned to District. Send an to me.


23 P-223 ALE Reporting  ALE enrollment included in Total K-12 column – for Funding.  ALE enrollment reported separately in ALE columns – for Reduction.  A SUBSET of Total K-12.  Report ALE enrollment based on: – Meeting Contact Time. – Not Meeting Contact Time.  Report ALE Skills Center, Voc & MS Voc in fields provided.

24 P-223 ALE Reporting continues  Report by Resident/Serving districts.  Student ‘choicing’ into a district would be reported as ‘resident’ of the reporting district. – But in SAFS – by ‘home district’ – the district that released the student.  Reporting summarized on 1251ALE report.


26 ALE Enrollment Reporting Resources  Information about screen changes and ALE reporting - the first four round bullets at:  Changes to ALE WAC can be found at:  ESD 113 recorded the August enrollment training which can be viewed at: Choose “Download video conference events”. Title is ‘OSPI Enrollment Reporting for School Year’.

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