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Special Education Federal Child Count Reporting November 2013.

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1 Special Education Federal Child Count Reporting November 2013

2 Presentation Disclaimer Training provided today is meant to supplement and not supplant reading bulletins and accompanying documents; guidance from the U.S. Department of Education; chapter 392-172A WAC; Part 300 of the federal regulations; and, the Individuals with Disabilities Act. This presentation and/or materials should be viewed and applied by users according to their specific needs. The presentation should be used as guidance and is not intended as legal advice. 2

3 Federal Special Education Annual Child Count and Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Reporting  Student’s age, disability category and least restrictive environment codes are calculated as of the count date as compared to birth date, regardless of when the data is submitted.  This federal count is for student’s ages three through 21. Birth through two students are not counted on this particular report.  Serving Districts report this data, not the Resident District. UNLESS the two districts have an agreement that says otherwise.  If the student is a “Choice” student make sure that element is filled out in CEDARS  Must mail in original Certification Page—keep a copy in your district. 3

4 Federal Special Education Annual Child Count and Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Reporting  Only count students eligible on the count date of 11/1/2013 SERVED by your district  Submit data on or before the due date. Don’t wait until the last day. Due date this year is 12/16/2013.  Make sure you have access privileges to EDS—if you do not or do not know, please contact your District Security Manager to have access assigned.  Incorrect or missing LRE, Disability Codes or Race/Ethnicity Codes will result in errors in the record for that student will not be able to be validated.  After validating and locking the district’s data, a confirmation will be sent back to the email address submitting the report within three business days. 4

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11 Working in the Educational Data System (EDS)  Have a copy of the Special Education User Guide ( e.pdf) e.pdf  Refer to the Recorded Webinar  Log-in to the Education Data System (EDS) and choose ‘View My Applications’ and then choose the Special Education November Federal Childcount” EDS Application.  Select your school district from the drop-menu if that did not occur automatically at log-in. The count date will default to 11/1/2013. 11

12 Working in the Educational Data System (EDS)  Check to ensure that all students are included in the Validation List (if not check to see if the most current CEDARS Submission was successful)  Review and reconcile any records that have errors—Exceptions.  Next, after exceptions are fixed, validate records.  Review the records validated and check to see how they are totaling for all categories (summary reports, etc).  Finally, lock the report and Certify! 12

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19 Step 1 – Validation 19

20 Validation Tab – ERROR Records 20

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22 Validation Tab – missing records – review Student Validation List Business Rules Counted students must be age 3-21 as of November 1. Students older or younger will not be included on this report. This report displays students who are served in your district. If they are resident students, but served in another district, they will not be on this list. To be able to validate this student on the Federal Report, the students CEDARS data cannot be a submission exception in CEDARS and cannot be in error on the Validation page. Verify the student was enrolled and being served in Special Education in your district on the count date of November 1 in CEDARS (student must be in the DistrictStudent, SchoolStudent and StudentSpecialEd files). Make sure the student is reported with a Primary School=Yes in your district OR that the student is reported as Part-time Private School=Yes or Part-time Homebased=Yes in CEDARS. 22

23 Step 2 – Review the Summary of Validation Records 23

24 Step 3 – Certification 24

25 Certification Page 25

26 Print/download features 26 Please remember, it is the district’s responsibility to keep a copy of these reports and a copy of the signed Certification Page available for auditing purposes.

27 Contact Information Special Education Sandy Grummick Amber O’Donnell 360.725.6075 CEDARS Data Contact your CEDARS District Administrator CEDARS Data Manuals, Training Materials and Other documents OSPI Customer Support 1.800.725.4311, Option 1 OSPI TTY (360) 664-3631 27

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