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May 2009 1. 2 3 Welcome and Introductions Training Overview Evolution from CSRS to CEDARS (Fri) Submission and Editing Process (Tues) Course Catalog,

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1 May 2009 1

2 2

3 3 Welcome and Introductions Training Overview Evolution from CSRS to CEDARS (Fri) Submission and Editing Process (Tues) Course Catalog, Student Schedules, Grade History - including phase-in of State Course Codes (Wed) Staff Information, including Certification Numbers (Thurs) Expanded Program Data and New Ethnicity and Race Codes (Fri) 3 May 2009

4 David Kinnunen Associate Director, Professional Certification Mary Jo Johnson Director, Title II Part A (Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements) 4 May 2009

5 The following are some of the categories of questions that we have received. Certification CTE – including, teachers at skill centers Teachers without certificate numbers Contracted teachers Staff Codes/Staff Type Paraeducators and other staff Teachers without staff codes 5

6 Team teaching More than one teacher Paraeducators Teaching staff located at another building or in another district Error messages 6

7 General information about certification How will OSPI process teacher data? Identification of teacher data sources How will teacher data be used? Questions and Answers 7

8 RCW 28A.410.025 Qualifications – Certificate or permit required. No person shall be accounted as a qualified teacher within the meaning of the school law who is not the holder of a valid teachers certificate or permit issued by lawful authority of this state. 8

9 Teacher (Initial/Residency, Continuing/Professional, K-12 Lifetime (unendorsed) Career and Technical First Peoples Language/Culture Administrator Principal Program Administrator Superintendent Educational Staff Associate Limited Certificates (continued next slide) 9

10 Limited Certificates (8) Conditional Certificate Substitute Certificate Emergency Certificate Emergency Substitute Certificate Nonimmigrant Alien Exchange Teacher Intern Substitute Teacher Certificate Transitional Certificate Provisional Alternative Administrative Certificate 10

11 How will OSPI process teacher data? Step One: Process certification numbers through CEDARS Step Two: Link the certification numbers with other data What are the other data sources? 11

12 CEDARS Data Warehouse FinancialCertification Programs Courses Grade History Staff File & Schedules Student Enrollment Assessment Student Demographics CEDARS Submissions Facilities & Transportation May 2009 12

13 CEDARS Data Warehouse Certification CTE Certifications HQT S275 Teacher Test Scores Natl. Board Fingerprints Teaching Certificates CEDARSAssessmentFinancial Facilities & Transportation May 2009 13

14 Meet federal reporting requirements related to highly qualified teachers and equitable distribution of teachers Respond to national and state legislative inquiries about Washingtons teaching force Produce reports such as: Supply and Demand Certificates Issued and Placement of New Teachers Research 14

15 Districts only report staff within their programs, schools, district, and jurisdiction. 15

16 STAFF FILE F Column NameData TypeRequired? F01School YearChar (4)Yes F02Serving County Dist CodeChar (5)Yes F03Staff IdVarChar(20)Yes F04Staff Type CodeVarChar(8) Conditional. Data must be entered for all staff types listed in F05 F05Certification #Char(7) Conditional. Data must be entered for all educators who teach classes issuing WA State Credit F06Last NameVarChar(60) Conditional. If Element F05 is not UNK, report it. F07First NameVarChar(60) Conditional. If Staff member has first name and F05 is not UNK, report it. F08Middle NameVarChar(60) No F09Birth DateDateTime Conditional. If F05 is not UNK Report it 16

17 Staff Schedule File G Column NameData TypeRequired? G01School YearChar(4)Yes G02Serving County Dist CodeChar(5)Yes G03Location IdVarChar(4)Yes G04Staff IdVarChar(20)Yes G05Course IdVarChar(20)Yes G06Section IdVarChar(20)Yes G07TermVarChar(12)Yes 17

18 Question: Should all teachers be certificated? Answer: Yes. Example: A Career Technical Education (CTE) teacher in a skill center is a contracted person teaching a cosmetology course. This teacher must hold some type of certification just as any other K-12 classroom teacher. In this case, the appropriate certification would be a CTE certificate or a conditional certificate. A certificate number consists of six digits and a letter. 18

19 Question: A contracted teacher who is employed by an ESD or another type of agency provides instructional services to students. Does the district report the teachers certificate number? Answer: Yes. Example: A school district purchases the services of a special education teacher through an ESD cooperative to provide instruction for students in special education programs. 19

20 Question:Race and ethnicity are currently not asked for in the staff table. Will this information be asked for in the future? Answer:This data is currently collected in the S275 report. We do anticipate some alignment changes to meet federal requirements. Work is in progress to address this issue. 20

21 Question:The staff type code appendix does not include all of the codes based on the S275 manual. Will additional codes be added? Answer:No. We do not anticipate adding additional codes at this time. The purpose for collecting teacher data is related to classroom instruction and the ability to meet federal reporting requirements. 21

22 Question:Are there tentative timelines for HR type reports starting next year using CEDARS data? Answer:Yes. We are working on details and will have additional information before the beginning of the school year. 22

23 Question:It appears that the Staff Type Code is really the same as Duty Code in the S275. Will the new CEDARS manual be updated to reflect this or at least include the description in the wording so people understand they are the same? Answer:This will be reviewed prior to publishing the next version of the manual. 23

24 Question:Who is the contact at OSPI for error messages related to staff? Answer:Customer Support (360) 725-6371 or 1 (800) 725-4311 customersupport@k12.wa.u s customersupport@k12.wa.u s 24

25 This presentation and session recording will be posted to the K12 web site at We will also post questions and answers: That are asked/answered during the session That we did not get to during the session That we receive after the session 25 May 2009

26 Customer Support (360) 725-6371 or 1 (800) 725-4311 Data Manual and Appendices and Supporting Documents Feasibility Study report to the Legislature DataFeasibilityReport.pdf 26 May 2009

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