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A Web of Unitarian*Universalist Global Organizations Session #2 Global Literacy Project.

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1 A Web of Unitarian*Universalist Global Organizations Session #2 Global Literacy Project

2 International Council of Unitarians and Universalists Sincerely love everything that is good with your heart, Also love your neighbour as yourself, … submitted by Olufemi Olaniyi Matimoju First Unitarian Church of Nigeria

3 International Council of Unitarians and Universalists Network of Unitarian, Universalist and Unitarian Universalist organizations Member groups come from 23 countries Current president lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Current executive director lives in East Kilbride, Scotland, not far from Glasgow.

4 UU Partner Church Council The mission is to foster and support partner relationships between North American congregations and congregations, schools, and agencies in all other countries where partnering is sought and welcomed. This includes countries where partners are already active, such as Romania, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, as well as other countries where new partnerships are now beginning, such as the Philippines, India, and Poland. Incorporated in Washington state; office in Bedford, MA.

5 UU Partner Church Council We will work cooperatively with the international efforts of the UUA and other international religious organizations, and we will encourage and support the UUA in developing and maintaining a strong international engagement.

6 UU United Nations Office Promotes the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all, as reflected in the United Nations Charter. Based in New York City, across the street from the UN. Through targeted education, advocacy and outreach, they engage Unitarian Universalists in support of international cooperation and the work of the United Nations.

7 UU United Nations Office Programs

8 UU Service Committee Advances human rights and social justice around the world, partnering with those who confront unjust power structures and mobilizing to challenge oppressive policies. UUSC envisions a world free from oppression and injustice, where all can realize their full human rights. Based in Cambridge, MA.

9 UU Service Committee: Kenya

10 UUA Office of International Resources Seeks to support congregations as they respond to the call of the Association's Sixth Principle: "to affirm and promote the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all." The International Office does this by providing resources to congregations, and by maintaining linkages with and between Unitarian Universalist (UU) organizations involved in international work. Based at the UUA in Boston, MA.

11 Project Harvest Hope Goals through their projects and pilgrimages: To preserve family farming and protect village life To protect ethnic lands and provide jobs to young people To inspire and assist other economic partnerships across Transylvania.

12 Project Harvest Hope Provides assistance for sustainable rural development and the strengthening of civil society in the Székelyföld region of Romania. Working to protect the Unitarian homelands by creating regional interfaith alliances. Based in St. Paul, MN.

13 UU Holdeen India Program Works with organizations of India's most excluded and oppressed peoples: women; dalits, so-called "untouchables" who fall outside the caste system; and the adivasis or tribals who are India's indigenous peoples, especially migrant, bonded and landless agricultural laborers.

14 UU Holdeen India Program UUHIP implements their mission to participate fully in the social, economic and political life of India through grants. Grants have been used to start up new ventures and groups as well as to expand institutions, programs and social movements. Based in Washington DC.

15 Unitarian Universalist International Organizations contribute to our Global Village

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