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Subject: Communication Arts

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1 Subject: Communication Arts
Objective: Prefixes, Suffixes, and Base Words Name: Angie Binkhoelter Grade Level: 3 Lesson Overview: Students will learn to identify base words. They will learn the meaning of various prefixes and suffixes. They will learn how these prefixes and suffixes change the meanings of base words.

2 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Base Words
Learn how to use prefixes, suffixes, and base words to find the meanings of words.

3 Base Words A base word is a word in its simplest form. A
base word has nothing added to it. Examples: Do Heat Write Read Pack

4 Base Words Write the base words. Played Running Reheat Quickly Unhappy

5 Prefixes Prefixes are added to the beginning of a base word. They change the meaning of the base word. Un + happy = unhappy Re + do = redo

6 Prefixes The prefix re means again. Reread means to read again.
Rewrite means to write again. What does reheat mean? The prefix un means not or the opposite of. Uncomfortable means not comfortable. Unpack means the opposite of pack. What does unclear mean?

7 ____do ____happy ____clear ____read ____pack The opposite of pack
Prefixes Add a prefix to the beginning of each word to make a new word. Draw a line form the word to its meaning. ____do ____happy ____clear ____read ____pack The opposite of pack Do again Opposite of clear Read again Not happy

8 wonder + ful = wonderful
Suffixes Suffixes are added to the end of a base word. They change the meaning of the base word. wonder + ful = wonderful rest + ful = restful

9 Suffixes The suffix ly means in a certain way.
Quickly means in a quick way. Loudly means in a loud way. What does suddenly mean? The suffix ful means full of. Colorful means full of color. Playful means full of play. What does thankful mean?

10 Suffixes Add a suffix to the end of each base word
Suffixes Add a suffix to the end of each base word. Draw a line to its new meaning. Loud____ Color____ Wonder____ Sudden_____ Play____ In a loud way Full of play Full of wonder In a sudden way Full of color

11 Match each word with its definition.
healthful in a sad way slowly to heat again the opposite of lock unlock to read again reheat full of health sadly in a slow way uncomfortable not comfortable reread

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