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Collin College Credit Exam

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1 Collin College Credit Exam
Excel Exam Review Collin College Credit Exam

2 True or False 1) In Excel worksheets, rows are designated using letters. False, rows numbers & columns letters

3 True or False 2) A cell is the intersection of a column and a row.

4 True or False 3) By default, Excel aligns all numbers to the left when they are first entered into cells. False, numbers to the right, text left

5 True or False 4) If you change the contents of a cell that is included in a formula, the resulting values from that formula will automatically be recalculated. True

6 True or False 5) When you click in a cell it becomes the active cell?
a. True b. False

7 True or False 6) The spell check feature removes the need to proofread a worksheet. False, always proofread

8 True or False 7) By default, columns are all the same width and rows are all the same height. True

9 True or False 8) The fill handle is in the bottom left corner of the active cell. False

10 True or False 9) When Excel calculates averages, blank cells or cells containing text are ignored. True

11 Multiple Choice 10) You can insert into a worksheet.
a. Lines and Basic Shapes b. Block Arrows c. Smart Art d. All of the above

12 True or False 11) In the Page Setup dialog box, you can choose to center a worksheet horizontally but not vertically on the page. False

13 Multiple Choice 12) To center a title over the spreadsheet width use?
a. Merge and Center Best Fit c. Ctrl + Home

14 True or False 13) Headers and Footers do not show up in the worksheet area when in Normal view; to see them you have to use Page Layout View, Print or Print Preview the worksheet. True

15 True or False 14) A new workbook will initially contain only three worksheets; more can be added later if needed. True

16 True or False 15) If you copy data to cells already containing data, the existing data will remain in place and the copied data will be added to it. False, copying will replace the data

17 True or False 16) A formula with a 3-D reference is used to consolidate data from several worksheets in one worksheet, i.e. a Summary. True

18 True or False 17) The selected cells being cut or copied are called the source. True

19 True or False 18) Use the fill handle to “Squeeze” the worksheet down to one page. False, copy not squeeze

20 True or False 19) A group of adjacent cells in a worksheet is called a matrix. False, range

21 Multiple Choice 20) The AutoComplete feature in Excel does which of the following? a. completes formulas for you as you type b. fills in adjacent cells with the same or incremental values c. automatically formats the worksheet from a list of choices d. completes text entries if the first few letters match another entry in the column

22 Multiple Choice 21) If you key Sun (for Sunday) in cell B2 and then use the fill handle to place data into cell B3, what will be the resulting entry in cell B3? a. Sun b. Sunday c. Mon d. Monday

23 Multiple Choice 22) If you key Sun (for Sunday) in cell B2, click the Copy button, move to cell B3, and then click the Paste button, what will be the resulting entry in cell B3? a. Sun b. Sunday c. Mon d. Monday

24 Multiple Choice 23) All formulas in an Excel worksheet must begin with this symbol. a. = b. + d. &

25 Multiple Choice 24) When several consecutive cells are to be used in the calculation of a formula, such as the SUM function, this set of cells is usually referred to as a(n) ________ of cells. a. range b. series c. array d. collection

26 Multiple Choice 25) A group of worksheets in the same file is called a
a. workset b. workbook c. workgroup d. workfile

27 Multiple Choice 26) The arithmetic mean of a range of cells is found by using which function? a. MAX b. MEDIAN c. AVERAGE d. AVG

28 Multiple Choice 27) If you create a custom header or footer for a worksheet, where can items be placed? a. on the left side or right side of the page, both left aligned b. on the left side or right side of the page, both right aligned c. on the left side, in the center, or on the right side of the page, all left aligned d. on the left side, left aligned; in the center, centered; or on the right side of the page, right aligned

29 Multiple Choice 28) What is the first step that should be taken when creating a chart? a. providing a name for the chart b. selecting the chart type c. selecting the range of cells that contain the data the chart will use d. choosing the data labels that will be used on the chart

30 Multiple Choice 29) When clicking the insert worksheet icon, new worksheets are inserted a. to the left of the active worksheet. b. to the right of the active worksheet. c. before the first existing worksheet. d. after the last existing worksheet.

31 Multiple Choice 30) What will double-clicking a sheet tab do for you?
a. It will make a duplicate of that worksheet into a new worksheet. b. It will put a copy of that worksheet on the Clipboard. c. It will allow you to rename the sheet. d. It will allow you to move the sheet.

32 Multiple Choice 31) To move a worksheet to a different position
a. click and drag the sheet tab to the new location. b. hold the Ctrl key down while dragging the sheet tab to the new location. c. right-click and drag the sheet tab to the new location. d. delete the worksheet and then insert it again into the new location.

33 Multiple Choice 32) Which of the following will be copied from one cell to another if Format Painter is used? a. values b. formulas c. fonts d. All of the above.

34 Multiple Choice 33) Preformatted worksheets used for special purposes such as creating sales invoices are called a. patterns. b. samples. c. models. d. templates.

35 Multiple Choice 34) Predefined formatting attributes such as “Good, Bad and Neutral” that can be applied to a cell are called a. designs. b. themes. c. styles. d. schemes.

36 Multiple Choice 35) _____ format applies a $, comma in the thousands, and two decimal places to each value. a. Accounting b. Currency c. Percent d. Both A and B

37 Multiple Choice 36) What two choices are given in the Chart Location dialog box? a. As new sheet b. As object in c. Both A and B

38 Multiple Choice 37) Press these keys to go to cell A1 from anywhere in a worksheet? a. Ctrl + Enter Ctrl + A1 c. Ctrl + Home

39 True or False 38) The Find and Replace dialog box can be used to search for text, numbers and formats? a. True b. False

40 True or False 39) You can group multiple nonadjacent worksheets by holding down the Shift key while clicking each tab. False, the Control Key

41 Multiple Choice 40) Which of the following is NOT one of the options in the “Print What” section of the print dialog box? a. Entire Workbook b. Active Sheet c. Page Range d. Selection

42 True or False 41) You can hide an entire worksheet. True

43 Multiple Choice 42) _____ will appear in a cell indicating that the data in that cell is wider than the column. a. #VIV/0! b. ***** c. ##### d

44 Multiple Choice 43) If a worksheet is saved as a Web Page, and you want to jump from the worksheet to another file or location on the Internet, you need to insert which of the following into the worksheet? a. Hyperlink b. Jump Address c. HTML d. Browser button

45 True or False 44) A chart must contain a legend.
False, some charts do not need legends

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