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QUESTION WORDS __________________? My name is John. What´s your name.

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2 QUESTION WORDS __________________? My name is John. What´s your name

3 QUESTION WORDS _______________? I’m fine thanks! How are you

4 QUESTION WORDS ________________? I’m 23. How old are you

5 QUESTION WORDS _________________? I live in New York. Where do you live

6 QUESTION WORDS __________________? I was born in 1980. When were you born

7 QUESTION WORDS __________________? My father is that man in black. Who is your father

8 QUESTION WORDS _________________________? Because I love English! Why do you study …

9 QUESTION WORDS ________________________ gym? Twice a week. How often do you go to the

10 QUESTION WORDS ________________________? I like Country and Rap music What kind of music do you like

11 QUESTION WORDS _________________________? I did. I helped him a lot. Who helped him

12 QUESTION WORDS __________________? It’s Dani’s car. Whose car is it

13 QUESTION WORDS _______________________? I drink it a lot. I love juice. How much juice do you drink

14 QUESTION WORDS _____________________? I have about 50 students How many students do you have

15 QUESTION WORDS ________________________? I´ve been here for 5 months. How long have you been here

16 QUESTION WORDS __________________? It´s about 40 miles. (Goiania and Anapolis) How far is Gyn from Anapolis

17 QUESTION WORDS _______________________? A tiger can run pretty fast. How fast can a tiger run

18 QUESTION WORDS __________________? I am about 6´01´´ ft How tall are you

19 QUESTION WORDS __________________? Mount Everest is about 29.028 feet high. How high is Mt Everest

20 QUESTION WORDS Now try and think of one question for each question word. What How How old Where When Who Why How often What kind Which Whose How much How many How long How far How fast How tall How high

21 Measurament Conversion 1 inch (in)2.540 cm 1 foot (ft)0.304 m 1 yard (yd)0.914 m 1 mile (mi)1.609 km 1 US pint (pt)473.176 ml 1 US ounce (fl oz)29.573 ml 1 US gallon (gal)3.685 L 1 ounce (oz)28.349 g 1 pound (lb)453.59 g or inversely as

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