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Is It Living or Nonliving?

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1 Is It Living or Nonliving?
Life Processes

2 Getting Energy Plants get energy from sunlight.
Animals get energy and nutrients by eating other living things. Bird vs. Plane A bird gets energy from eating fruits, seeds, insects, fish, or other living things. The engine burns fuel to release energy. A plane cannot get sources of energy on its own.

3 Using Energy Living things use energy to do work.
They break down food material and release the stored energy. Bird vs. Plane A bird uses energy to fly, to stay warm, and to carry out other life processes. A plane uses energy to fly and to run the air conditioner and lights.

4 Getting Rid of Wastes Living things produce wastes when they use energy. These wastes can be poisonous. Bird vs. Plane Wastes leave a bird’s body after food is broken down and energy is released. Waste products are released as exhaust gas.

5 Reproducing Living things make more of their own kind to keep groups of organisms alive. For example, not all lions reproduce, but some must or lions will become extinct. Bird vs. Plane A bird lays eggs that hatch into baby birds. A plane cannot reproduce.

6 Growing Growing is a job that takes energy and nutrients.
Bird vs. Plane A baby bird grows larger and develops into an adult. A plane cannot grow.

7 Reacting to Change Living things respond to changes around them.
For example, while you put on a coat when it gets cold, dogs grow a thicker coat of hair as the weather gets colder. Bird vs. Plane A bird responds to what is around it. A bird will fly away if it hears a loud noise. Instruments identify changes and direct the plane or its pilot to respond to them.

8 Bird vs. Plane What are the life processes that a bird can carry out, but a plane cannot? A plane cannot get sources of energy on its own. A plane cannot reproduce. A plane cannot grow.

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