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Lysmikroskopi MENA3100,OBK, 01.02.11.

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1 Lysmikroskopi MENA3100,OBK,

2 Lysmikroskop Optisk mikroskop Forstørrelse (magnification)
Oppløsningsevne (resolution) Kontrast Vi ønsker å se flere detaljer

3 Simple microscope Lupe, forstørrelsesglass

4 The simple microscope Antony van Leeuwenhoek (1632−1723)

5 Det sammensatte mikroskop
The compound microscope ca Hans Janssen Robert Hooke (1635−1703) Micrographia, 1664

6 Don’t get too hang up in the ray tracing

7 Stereomikroskop Stereo microscope

8 Mikroskop for gjennomfallende lys
Compound microscope for transmitted light

9 Mikroskop for reflektert lys
Inverted compound microscope for reflected light



12 jwiley_microscopy/2006_Sept_Hammond.pdf

13 Illuminating system Specimen Condenser lens Aperture diaphragm
Field diaphragm Filament

14 Controll illuminated area
Illuminating system Specimen Condenser lens Aperture diaphragm Köhler illumination Uniform specimen illumination Field diaphragm Controll illuminated area Field diaphragm Aperture diaphragm Controll angle of the cone of light Filament

15 Imaging system Eyepiece Okular Tube lens Objective Specimen

16 Primary image

17 Refraction

18 Kromatisk abberation

19 Spherical abberation

20 Corrections The objective

21 The limiting factor: Diffraction

22 Resolution R = 0,61l/NA Rayleigh criterion
(Raleigh in Brandon and Kaplan)


24 Abbe

25 Numerical aperture (NA)
NA = nsina Resolution R = 0,61l/NA

26 Oil immersion

27 Fouriertransformasjon

28 Condenser system Eyepice Ocular (okular)
More is needed than just the objective Condenser system Eyepice Ocular (okular)


30 Optical anisotropy Calcite

31 Amorphous and cubic: Optically isotropic, one refracive index
Hexagonal, trigonal, tetragonal: Optically anisotropic, two refractive indices Lower symmetry: Optically anisotropic, three refractive indices

32 Optically active crystals in the microscope

33 Optically active crystals in the microscope

34 Michel-Levy chart


36 Remember that geologists often call their book on microscopy on thin sections for
optical crystallography, and microscopy with reflected light is ore microscopy (malmmikroskopi). Some web sites: maintenance:

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