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The Decision Making Process. 1. Determine Needs/Wants.

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1 The Decision Making Process

2 1. Determine Needs/Wants

3 2. Analyze Personal Resources

4 3. Identify Career Choices

5 4. Gather Information

6 5. Evaluate Options/Make a Decision

7 6. Plan to Reach Your Goal

8 Benefits Increases chance of reaching personal and career goals. Increases opportunity to gain related knowledge and experience. Increases chance of personal satisfaction/fulfillment Affirms the difference between a series of jobs versus the career development process.

9 Benefits continued Can easily recognize the need to redirect goals as needed. Provides a direct course of action for reaching personal and career goals.

10 Let’s chat! What are possible dangers of not using the decision making process?

11 Career Development Cycle Awareness Exploration Planning

12 With a partner…….. Decision to be made: What are you going to do after high school? Task: List the steps of the decision making process. Under each step, brainstorm and provide details to consider to make an informed decision about your future.

13 I chat, you chat, we chat What factors affect the decision making process? Personal priorities Culture Beliefs Values Biases/stereotypes Environment

14 Trade off vs. Compromise Trade off Totally giving up one thing/idea for another Compromise Finding a happy medium—give and take

15 Impacts of decision making Education Time Financial aid Location of programs Pre-requisite acquisition Work –Overtime –Schedule –Travel –Benefits –Location Family Family Work history Influence of parents on career Family issues (childcare, eldercare) Family friendly programs (on site childcare) On site services (banking, uniforms, etc) Schedule (flextime, job sharing, telecommuting) Flexible spending accounts Counseling employee assistance

16 What do you think? What are the possible impacts of Being a working parent? Being a stay at home parent?

17 Family Medical Leave Act Research the Family Medical Leave Act. Create a advertisement. (Publisher or self created) Must include: Brief history What it does Who qualifies Reasons for FMLA

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