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2 Content Causes of Home accidents Prevention of Home accidents
Road Safety rules School Safety rules

3 Home Safety

4 Causes of Home Accidents
Carelessness Untidy Causes of Home Accidents Faulty equipment Haste

5 Carelessness The man is using wet hands to connect plugs with socket
Mother holding the baby, talking on the phone and cooking

6 Untidiness An untidy bedroom. Many things are scattered around
A messy living room

7 Haste ‘Haste makes waste’
Running carelessly on wet floor result in an injury or fracture

8 Faulty equipment Use of faulty equipment is dangerous. This can create spills and fires. A faulty toaster A faulty blender

9 Formative Assessment Safety at home Click to Crossword
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10 Prevention of Home Accidents
Avoid slippery floors Proper Lighting No frayed electric wires

11 Prevention of Home Accidents
Clear ways and passages No rubbish on the floor No liquid on the floor Medicines keep out of children

12 Click to Matching Exercise
Formative Assessment Click to Matching Exercise Some important points to prevent home accidents Race against time. You have only 3 minutes! Next

13 Road Safety ‘Take care of yourself”

14 Road Safety for pedestrians
Walk on right-hand side of the road Do not walk more than two side by side Always cross at traffic lights or where there is a policeman or zebra crossing

15 Road Safety for pedestrians
Be alert Never cross the road at back of lorries and buses Do not play on the roads

16 Road Safety for pedestrians
Wear white or pale coloured clothes at night Avoid dark dresses Prefer bright dresses

17 Content of the lesson Safety on the Road Link to Blog
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18 Safety at School Know where you are Get to know the people around you
Get to know the rules of the school Keep yourself out of trouble Follow all safety rules during practical classes

19 Content of the lesson Safety at School Link to blog
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20 Summative Assessment Click to Quiz Activity
Safety at home, at School and on the Road Trigger your mind. You have 10 minutes! Next

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