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World History Common Exam

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1 World History Common Exam
The Basics

2 What? The Exam will have about:
40 Multiple Choice Questions (about 40 minutes) 8 Constructed Response Questions (about 5 minutes each) (40 minutes) Each Constructed Response will be 2-4 points each

3 Constructed Responses
Step 1: Look out how many points the question is worth (they will be about 2-4 points each) Step 2: Answer each point BRIEFLY

4 Example Constructed Response Question:
Provide an example of an innovation or new technology that impacted life in the Middle Ages. Explain how this innovation or new technology changed society. Explain why you think this change had a positive or negative impact on society.. So how many points do you think this question is worth?

5 Example This is worth 3 points, one point for each part:
Innovation is something different or something new being introduced (Not a point, just a statement at the beginning of the question). Provide an example of innovation (POINT 1) and use the example to explain how innovation helped change the Middle Ages (POINT 2). Then, explain how an innovation was a positive or negative impact on society (POINT 3).

6 How to Write Your Response
Answer each point in a complete sentence when you are “explaining” or “analyzing”. Can use phrases on shorter answers. You can put a dash outside of the notebook line in the margins to show where each answer to each point is (makes it easier for the teacher grading)

7 How to Write Your Response
No introduction, conclusion, or paragraphs. This is NOT an essay. Write neatly and legibly! Restate the prompt in your statement answer Remember to be brief!

8 Remember There are over 300 W. History students. Each student may write up to 5 Constructed Responses. That is over 1,500 essays the teachers have to grade in a few days. If you are messy, have bad handwriting, confusing, lengthy, or included unnecessary information you may not get all of your points! Making it easy for the teachers to quickly grade makes it easier for you to get your points!

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