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Warm up Explain what Feudalism is?

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2 Warm up Explain what Feudalism is?
Explain what the Manorial system is?

3 Review activity We will be having a quiz today on the information from the Middle Ages we have learned about so far. Pay attention during this review activity and it can help you a lot during the quiz today Make sure you are focusing or you could be put on the spot.

4 What was the feudal system? And how did it begin?
A political or social system based around granting land to someone in exchange for protection. How it began? Lords worried about attack from outsiders hired knights for protection and gave them land as payment

5 Manorial System What was the Manorial System?
A political and social organization on large estates call Manors Who were the groups involved with running a manor Lords or Knights who owned it and Peasants and Serfs who worked for them What was each group obliged to provide for the other? Lords and Knights provide protection and a place to live and the peasants provide labor and other services Serfs are workers that are legally tied to the land Cannot leave…EVER

6 More on Manorial System
How did Manors become economically successful? Manors were self-sufficient. Made everything they would need, did not need to trade with others How did the Manor system help the environment Lords discovered that leaving a field empty (fallow) for a season improved crop quality Roads were less necessary as trade was less important


8 Independent assignment
Read passages about life as a peasant on a Manor. Then use the information to write a diary entry as though you are a peasant on a Medieval Manor ½ page Should include explanation of the relationship between Peasants and Lords, explanation of living conditions in the Village and daily activities on the Manor and how they feel about the situation they are in. Due tomorrow at the beginning of class- get as much as you can done today.

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