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Literary Genres Fiction & Non-Fiction.

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1 Literary Genres Fiction & Non-Fiction

2 Folktale Genre Fable A division or type of literature.
Read each statement and use what you know about literary genres to decide what the best answer will be! Genre A division or type of literature. a brief story or poem, usually with animal characters, that teaches a lesson or moral. The moral is usually stated at the end of the story. a short story composed orally and then passed from person to person by word of mouth. They usually originated among people who could not read or write, so they entertained one another by telling stories aloud. Fable Folktale

3 Fantasy fiction Historical fiction Legend Mystery
is highly imaginative writing that contains elements not found in real life. Examples include stories that involve supernatural elements, stories that resemble fairy tales, and stories that deal with imaginary places and creatures, and science fiction stories. is prose writing that tells about unreal/fake characters and events. Is when real people, places, or events are incorporated into a fictional or made-up story.  is a widely told story about the past—one that may or may not have a foundation in fact. is fiction dealing with the solution of a problem or the unraveling of secrets. Fantasy fiction Historical fiction Legend Mystery

4 Narrative Articles Novel Myth poetry Realistic fiction
A story which can be either fiction, or nonfiction, a novel, short story, biography, autobiography, or poem. These can be short sections of larger written works or stories in newspapers or magazines. A long work of fiction that contains such elements as character, plot, conflict, and setting. a fictional tale that explains the actions of gods or heroes or the origins of elements of nature. most of these make use of highly concise, musical, and emotionally charged language. Many also make use of imagery, figurative language and special devices such as rhyme.  is a story that can actually happen and is true to life. Narrative Articles Novel Myth poetry Realistic fiction

5 Non-fiction Biography essay Science fiction Short story autobiography
combines elements of fiction and fantasy with scientific fact. These stories are often times set in the future. is a short work of fiction. Like a novel, it presents a sequence of events, or plot. The plot usually deals with a central conflict faced by a main character or protagonist. is prose writing that presents and explains the ideas or that tells about real people, places, objects, or events. is a form of nonfiction in which a writer tells the life story of another person  is the story of the writer’s own life- told by the writer is a nonfiction work about a particular subject/ topic Science fiction Short story Non-fiction Biography autobiography essay

6 Journal/diary letter Comedy Media accounts
is a daily, or periodic, account of events and the writer’s thoughts and feelings about those events. Though they are sometimes published, they are not typically written for publication. A form of written communication from one person to another. A literary work, especially a play, which is light, often humorous or satirical, and ends happily. Report, explanations, opinions, or descriptions written for television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Journal/diary letter Comedy Media accounts

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