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1 Genres

2 What are literary genres?
Genres are different types of literature. Each genre has its own definition and characteristics.

3 Non-Fiction Non-Fiction books are books about true subjects or ideas. These are books that generally have an index, glossary, table of contents, appendix, and prefaces that we talked about.

4 Informational Text What it is: Examples:
Books about a single subject that are true. Examples:

5 Biography A book about a person’s life written by someone else.
Can be about: Their entire lie A part of their life A single event in their life Located in 92 and 920 Examples:

6 Autobiography A book about a persons’ life written by them.
Can be about: Their entire lie A part of their life A single event in their life Located in 92 Examples:

7 Fiction…Only A Little Different
These books may be located in the non-fiction section. However they are fiction, which means they are made up stories.

8 Play/Drama Written for the stage
Contains a cast of characters and dialogue Story is told solely through the actions and words of the characters Located in 812 Examples

9 Poetry Groups of words that are written with rhythm and sometimes rhyme. Many different kinds of poetry Located in 811 Examples:

10 Fiction

11 Realistic Fiction Fiction that could happen in real life and is set in modern times. Characters are not real, but setting could be a real place. Examples:

12 Historical Fiction Fiction that includes historical information mixed in with the “made up” part of the story. Events that happen could be real. Some true people could be mixed in with made up characters. Settings are real. Examples:

13 Mystery Fiction where the main character must solve a crime or figure out a secret. The plot is suspenseful and full of twists and turns. Examples:

14 Still Fiction…Only Fantasy

15 Modern Fantasy A story that could never be real. Set in modern times.
Usually contains magical elements. Examples:

16 Fairy Tale A story that has magical elements and has a happy ending.

17 Fable A short story which includes animals with certain traits (all good, all bad, all hard-working, all lazy) Ends with a moral or a lesson. Examples:

18 Myth A story that has been handed down to explain how human nature works that has no basis in reality. Examples:

19 Legend A story that has been handed down but has some basis of fact but with mythical qualities. Examples:

20 Tall Tale A story that is exaggerated.
Characters and events in the story are larger than life. Examples:

21 Genre Pie…Mmmm!

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