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Paul Cohen Connells Point Public School.

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1 Paul Cohen Connells Point Public School






7 LED Presentation TV

8 VoIP Ethernet Phones Phone Calls Bells Messages Emergencies

9 USB Digital Microscope

10 LED Presentation TV

11 Brainstorm ideas with students Create a reasonable timeline Know what you want to shoot Create a storyboard


13 Use music and effects to build tension (do not use transitions in the middle of scenes) Don’t film sequentially (group by costume or location) Start the camera with each take (last take will generally be the best) Always use a tripod

14 Letter B Beatles Video

15 That’s Mathematics Tom Lehrer

16 All Learning Areas – New Curriculum (Objectives C, D, E) Creating, Expressing, Reflecting Interact and engage with the rest of the world by posting things online. Use YouTube analytics to teach geography, mathematics etc

17 Competition Entry 21 st Century Communication


19 Time Lapse Photography

20 Time Lapse Photography

21 Whole School Video CPPS

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