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SRD 264 – Assignment 1 Musitecture Tom Donegan - 400142055.

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1 SRD 264 – Assignment 1 Musitecture Tom Donegan - 400142055

2 Part One – The Game In the game I composed my own piece of music. I started with two pieces of electronic music and overlayed them, sampling different effects at different times two make two pre-recorded sounds into one unique and individual sound. Whilst it is referred to as a game, the piece of music that eventuated has become the heart and key inspiration from my design. Through all the sketches and maquette’s I have referred back to it, or even listened to it to make sure that it stays the driving force. Click the sound icon and my music piece “Geht’s Noch” will start playing

3 Initial Ideas These are a sample of drawings/ sketches that I began to conjure up as I first listened to my music. It took me to a dark enclosed space and at first this is what I thought my design may represent. But then referring back to the brief and listening to my music, I felt I had to represent it more. It needed to be more raw and realistic. It is to be a place where the music is produced, but is also to act as a stage.

4 Development I then began to play around with the growth of my music. Sharp, quick, jolts that seem to shoot up further and further until they explode at the climax. It was the key element in the song, so it was my goal to make it the key element in my design. It is represented in these sketches and maquette’s. At first I tried to use the cage like structure in conjunction with the dark enclosed space, but through tutorial feedback I determined that combining the two concepts didn’t work and I had to run with the one that represented the music, not the way I felt when I listened to it.

5 Final Design Plan Front ElevationRight Hand Side Elevation 4000mm 1000mm 2680mm 3650mm Each post is 180 x 250mm and the height increases steadily at 750mm, beginning at 1000mm and ending at 4000mm. Together they form a cage that protects and contains the music, whilst still representing the growth constant growth.

6 Concept The idea behind the design is that the building is a representation of the music. From the outside, the wooden posts are symbolic of the sharp, high pitch beats that carries through the music. Representative of my musical composition. But when you inhabit the space, the structure surrounds you and takes you over. When being viewed by a crowd, the habitant is surrounded by this structure, surrounded by this music that he/ she produces. Like the heart protected by the rib cage, the person (protected by the structure) produces the music to be enjoyed by all. And inturn, produces the structures heartbeat. It is intended that it is a bare and empty structure because it only comes to life through the production of sound and it is then that sound and structure begin to complement eachother.

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