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As from 1st January 2010 it has been compulsory, by NSW law, that all students complete Yr 10 and until the age of 17… Remain at school or be registered.

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2 As from 1st January 2010 it has been compulsory, by NSW law, that all students complete Yr 10 and until the age of 17… Remain at school or be registered for home schooling OR Enrol in a Cert 2 TaFE course or higher OR Undertake approved vocational training eg cadetship OR Employed full time ie 26 hours a week. OR Engage in a combination of work, educations and/or training. School Leaving Age

3 Course Requirements for Yrs 9 & 10 English Mathematics Science HSIE – Australian Geographycore subjects HSIE – Australian History PDHPE Elective 1 Elective 2 Elective 3 SPORT


5 What are the right reasons for choosing a subject? You enjoy and are interested in the subject. You are good at it.

6 What are the wrong reasons for choosing a subject? Your friends are choosing it, although you have little or no interest in it You think your favourite teacher will be teaching it [or not teaching it]. Relying on one person’s advice You think you need it for a future career or it will help you in Yrs 11 & 12.

7 For the parents There are no prerequisites for Years 11 and 12. Eg. A student can study Year 11 Visual Arts even if they haven’t studied it in Years 9 and 10.

8 For the parents - FEES Please be aware that some electives have a fee to cover the cost of materials which the school purchases on your child’s behalf. The practical projects belong to the students once they have been marked. The fees for these subjects are in the subject booklet. The core subjects – English, Maths and Science – also have a small fee to cover additional resources that cannot be covered by the school’s global budget but which the school believes will benefit your child. These fees are also included in the subject booklet.

9 Elective selection process After discussion with your parents, choose the 3 subjects you wish to do. Make 2 reserve selections in case you are unsuccessful with one of your first 3 choices. Complete online Elective Selections by Monday 4 th August. You can change your choices up until 11pm that night.

10 How to submit your choices. 1)Tomorrow (Tuesday 29 July) you will receive a piece of paper with instructions and your individual “webcode”. 2)Click on – this is a direct link to the webpage. 3)Type in your “webcode”. Each webcode is individual and linked to one student only.

11 How to submit your choices 1)Select the subjects you wish to do via the drop down menus. 2)3 elective subjects plus 2 reserves. 3)Submit 4)Print your form. 5)Get your parents to sign the form and hand to Ms Moorhouse.

12 The RoSA In February 2012 the Education Minister announced that a new certificate, called the Record of Student Achievement (RoSA), will: Be a record of the full range of student achievements right up to the day they do their HSC or leave school Provide an electronic record of achievements that students can use at any time Use assessment by teachers in schools, moderated by the Board of Studies Offer on-line literacy and numeracy tests, with particular emphasis on work readiness, that students will be able to undertake twice a year.

13 Provide the capacity to record vocational courses and students’ vocational experiences as well as citizenship and leadership achievements. Mr Piccoli said, The formal RoSA credential will be awarded to eligible students who choose to leave school prior to receiving their HSC, while still allowing students to view and download a transcript of their achievements when applying for jobs or further education or training. continued

14 The new credential will: Provide an ongoing, cumulative record for students It will record grades for courses students complete in Year 10 (and in Year 11) Report results of moderated, school-based assessment Introduce optional, online literacy and numeracy testing for 2016 school leavers. Provide the opportunity for students to incorporate extra-curricular achievements.

15 Who will get a RoSA? Students entering Year 9 in 2015 will be eligible for the new credential when they have completed Stage 5 (ie Year 10 in 2016) Students will need to have completed the mandatory requirements for Stage 5 (Yr 10) to eligible for a RoSA. It will only be issued to students when they leave school prior to completing the HSC.

16 The RoSA is awarded to students who; Follow and satisfactorily complete a pattern of courses required by the BOSTES Apply themselves with diligence and sustained effort in their studies

17 How are school grades awarded? All subjects have an assessment schedule that will be given to every student in Year 10. Students are advised to transfer this information into their school diaries for each of their subjects.

18 COURSE GRADES ABCDEABCDE awarded by the school Based on the BOS course performance descriptors.

19 Attendance Rate 85%

20 For more information: NSW Board of Studies WEBSITE

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