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Use of developmental workbook. Why use a Developmental Workbook in VA?

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1 Use of developmental workbook

2 Why use a Developmental Workbook in VA?

3  The developmental Workbook (DW) is a record of a student’s ideas as they develop within an art form, as well as their own development as an artist.

4  The purpose of the DW is to encourage and record experimentation and critical thinking. It provides the opportunity for written and non-verbal reflection and should be both source and stimulus for dialogue between themselves and others.

5  Emphasis is placed on the developmental nature of the workbook rather than simply the evaluation of outcomes. All stages of making in the arts should be recorded from conception to performance or display of the results of the art making process.  Students must use the DW throughout the five years of the MYP programme.

6 Creative Cycle

7 Creative CyCle

8  This can be in the form of audio, digital, visual imagery but must also include written passages of commentary and analysis. Investigation (Criterion A)

9  This includes records of the process of creating using a variety of media. These include experiments, the process for testing appropriateness of form and identifying strengths and weakness within the process of making. Creation (Criterion B)

10  This should include critical reflections that inform the process of making, recognize discoveries and identify possible changes or directions. These should be evaluative reflections on the capacity of the art work to reflect the idea both in its informative and completed form. Reflection (Criterion C)

11  This shows the application of Approaches of Learning (ATL) skills. It also comments on overall work performance in the entire artistic learning process. Participation (Criterion D)

12 What should be in it? Care must be taken to ensure that the DW is not just a diary of events but also a journey of learning!

13 Creative CyCle Brainstorming, Ideas, Background information, Research, Websites, Inspiration, Articles, Pictures, References and acknowledgements where appropriate etc.

14 Creative CyCle Drawings, Practicing techniques, Sketches, Notes about changes made, Paint samples, Experimentation, Samples of materials you will use, Ongoing reflections looking at what is good and what needs work Notes on the processes you are using, Reflections on what is going well, Things that need changing: how and why, Photos of your work in process with notes

15 Creative CyCle Your on-going reflections which include strengths and weakness, Changes you are making and why, How you are responding to feedback you are getting, An evaluation of your final artwork and the unit

16 Creative CyCle Manages time effeCtively and meets deadlines? Get organized? Assists others? RespeCtful of others EnCourages others with ideas? Willing to aCCept idea from peers and teaChers? Independently seeks resourCes to assist projeCt information/skills? Contributes to Critiques? Cares for and prepares materials and equipment appropraietly?

17 Remember your DW should let us into your thoughts!

18 END

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