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Modern Philosophy Part two.

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1 Modern Philosophy Part two

2 Baruch Spinoza Background Early years The road to excommunication
Lenses & philosophy Works

3 Spinoza: Goals & Methods
Goal: Freedom Ethics Method Foundation Assumptions

4 Spinoza: Epistemology
Truth Necessity Appearance of contingency Ideas Opinion/Imagination Reason Intuition

5 Spinoza: Metaphysics Substance Defining substance Infinity
Defining God Ontological Argument for God’s existence God Argument for one substance Pantheism Is God a Person

6 Spinoza: Metaphysics Atheist or Mystic Freedom & necessity Labels
False Dilemma Freedom & necessity Apparent contradiction Creation & Necessity Two types of events Free Will

7 Spinoza: Metaphysics Mind-Body problem God’s attributes Mind-Body

8 Spinoza: Ethics Freedom Overview Method Self Preservation
Self-awareness The Mind Comprehensive understanding

9 Spinoza: Ethics Good & Evil Love & Immortality Self-preservation
Intellectual love of God Immortality

10 Spinoza: Criticism/Impact
Conclusion The Wise man Criticism Desirable Coherent Impact 18th Century 19th Century 20th Century

11 Leibniz: Background German Culture Background for Leibniz Stagnant
Early years Professional career Diplomacy Works

12 Leibniz: Goal & Method Goal Logical Method Unified Logic Method
Application of the method Assumptions

13 Leibniz: Epistemology
Innate Ideas Against Locke The Mind Against the empiricists

14 Leibniz: Epistemology Necessity & Contingency
Truths of Reason & Truths of Fact Truths of reason Truths of fact Necessary & contingent truths Deduction

15 Leibniz: Metaphysics God
Proofs for God’s existence Proof of God’s existence by possibility & necessity Perfection Existence Cosmological Argument Two principles Two kinds of truth Sufficient Reason

16 Leibniz: Metaphysics Problem of Evil
Best of All Possible Worlds The best world God’s choice Diversity No Better Possible World Intellectualist view The Problem & Reply The Best Denial of pantheism

17 Leibniz: Metaphysics Problem of Evil
Evil as Privation The question Origin of evil-the ancients Origin of evil-intellectualist view Understanding & necessity Analogy of the Boats Boats The Analogy Defects

18 Leibniz: Metaphysics Metaphysical Points
Problems & Solutions Introduction Problems with Cartesian matter Problems with Spinoza Rejection of materialism Phenomenology Metaphysical Points

19 Leibniz: Metaphysics Monads
Nature of Monads Introduction Minds Perception Continuity The identity of indiscernibles

20 Leibniz: Metaphysics Monads
Windowless Monads Windowless Pre-Established harmony Inner World One World Space & Time Extended Things

21 Leibniz: Metaphysics Monads
Mind-Body Problem Bodies Interaction Teleology & Mechanism Reconciliation Two Realms Freedom & Determinism Freedom Compatibilism

22 Leibniz: Metaphysics Monads
The City of God Souls Why did God create the world? Harmony, reward & punishment Machinery of Justice

23 Leibniz: Metaphysics Problems & Impact
The best of all possible worlds Freedom Collapse to Spinoza Impact Dominant Lost potential Universal, logically perfect language

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