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S & M inc. President Brian Stanton Vice President Baraa Moraktan.

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1 S & M inc. President Brian Stanton Vice President Baraa Moraktan

2 Origin of our Business Founded by president Stanton in 1998 Co-founded by vice president Moraktan in 1998 Started as a small company and grew more financially year by year.

3 A little about our company leaders President Stanton Born in 1976 Founded S & M inc. Graduated from Harvard at the age of 22 Vice President Moraktan Born in 1976 Co-founded S & M inc. Graduated of William Paterson University at the age of 22  President StantonVP Moraktan 

4 Financial Information YearSalesProfitEmployeesAverage Salary 1998$18.3mil$11.7mil350$65k 1999$19.1mil$12.3mil372$78k 2000$19.5mil$12.8mil401$83k 2001$20mil$13.6mil523$90k

5 Our Company Leaders Our Hard Working President Mr. Stanton Our Vice President Mr. Moraktan

6 Our Staff

7 Nike Zoom Kobe v id

8 About our Product These shoes are fully customizable to the consumers’ choice The Nike v ids. Basketball shoe is one of the lightest kicks to date. A devastating tool in the hand of skilled masters, this menacing sequel is too hot to miss.

9 Product Features Zoom technology in the heel and the forefoot for fast, off-the-mark movements. Fly wire upper for lightweight support. True low top silhouette for greater range of ankle motion. Carbon fiber arch plate for enhanced mid foot support. Molded external heel counter for improved heel support.

10 Our Customer Policy Here at S & M inc. we treat our customers with care and respect. And guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. We also guarantee that you wont be able to find other company’s prices close to ours. On behalf of our President and Vice President and our employees we S & M inc. Would like to take this moment to thank all our customers for choosing us over many other companies.

11 Where to find Us Visit Or for a store located near you visit We are currently located at 101 East West st. New York, NJ 07070. An example 

12 Thank You Thank You for watching hope to see you soon!

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