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ADVENTIST MUSLIM RELATIONS “Reaching the Other Side of the Family”

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1 ADVENTIST MUSLIM RELATIONS “Reaching the Other Side of the Family”

2 Quick Stats 2011 World’s Population is 7 Billion. SDA Population is 16 Million. Which is 0.24% of World’s population. Muslim Population 2.1 Billion. Which is 30% of World’s population.

3 Quick Stats Graph

4 NOTE: Muslim: the fastest growing population...

5 Current Barriers ( the Moslem perspective of Christians) ( Muslims in general, believe that: the Bible is corrupted. Christians are unclean. Christians worship idols.

6 Current Barriers ( The SDA perspective of Moslems) SDA’s don’t know who Muslims are Biblically. Beliefs Culture Biblical Roots Prophecy (Is there any??) SDA’s don’t know how to approach them. Most Christians treat them as Terrorist. If MOSLEMS join the SDA church, WE SDA’s don’t know how to deal with THEM.

7 Learn & Experience Through “ADVENTIST MUSLIM RELATIONS” WORKSHOP and learn how to “Remove the Barriers”

8 Workshop Objectives To inform SDA’s that our Muslim brothers/sisters also have their share in the heavenly courts. To know the common grounds between the Muslims and Seventh-day Adventists. To understand the role of Muslims in the 2,300 days prophecy of the SDA church based from the Bible. To have practical, usable knowledge on the different methods on how to approach our Muslim brothers/sisters. To learn how to avoid debates with our Muslim brothers and sisters. The “What not to do & What to do” when you’re in a Moslem area and congregation.

9 Upcoming AMR Events! Mountain View College (Dec. 2-3, 2011) Midsayap, Cotabato, Hill Park Hotel (Dec. 5 & 6, 2011) West Visayan Conference (Dec. 8-9, 2011) Mindanao Sanitarium & Hospital (Dec. 12 -15, 2011) Iligan Central Church (Dec. 16 & 17, 2011)

10 Be a part of the Adventist Muslim Relation Ministry! HOW?? 1. Contact us : PLDT (+63 33) 329-1129 Bayantel (+63 33) 300-0468 Mobile: Sun Cellular (+63) 922-840-0593 Globe (+63) 916-362-7389

11 2. Organize your own AMR Workshop/Seminar with the support and approval of Your local Conference or Mission

12 YOU are Called! WE are Called! Join now !!! Text And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come... Matthew 24:14:

13 The great outpouring of the Spirit of God, which lightens the whole earth with His glory, will not come until we have an enlightened people, that know by experience what it means to be laborers together with God. When we have entire, wholehearted consecration to the service of Christ, God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of His Spirit without measure; but this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not laborers together with God. Review and Herald, July 21, 1896. {ChS 253.2)

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