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The Mission of God Reading the whole Bible for mission.

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1 The Mission of God Reading the whole Bible for mission

2 A personal note ‘Biblical Basis of Mission’, or Missional Basis of the Bible?

3 The missional roots of the Bible The whole Bible is the product of God's mission: God's engagement with God's world through God's people for God's purpose: – the redemption of God’s creation.

4 “This is what is written” Lk. 24:46-48 Read the O.T. scriptures in the light of: – Messiah – Mission This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations beginning in Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things

5 Whose mission is it anyway? God with a mission Humanity with a mission O.T. Israel with a mission Jesus with a mission Church with a mision

6 God with a mission The biblical worldview Creation Fall New creation Redemption

7 Humanity with a mission The image of God The care of creation – Ecological responsibility – Economic responsibility – Social responsibility

8 O.T. Israel with a mission The Old Testament vision of God The Old Testament vision God’s people and why they exist The Old Testament vision of God’s people and how they should live The Old Testament vision of God’s future for all nations.

9 YHWH: unique and universal God Biblical monotheism and mission YHWH is God and there is no other (Dt. 4:32-39) YHWH owns and rules the whole world – not just Israel (Deut.10:14,17; Ps. 24:1; Ps. 96; Isa. 43:9-13, etc, cf. Rom. 3:29-30) YHWH is Creator, Ruler, Judge and Saviour - of all. Jesus is and does all that YHWH is and does in the Old Testament – as Creator, Ruler, Judge and Saviour (Phil.2:9-11 = Isa. 45:23; 1 Cor.8:5-6 = Deut. 6:4, etc).

10 God’s people: chosen for blessing of all Biblical election and mission Gen. 12-1-3 (context of Gen. 3-11). “The gospel in advance” (Gal. 3:8). God’s universal purpose – blessing all nations (Rev. 7:9) God’s particular means – election of O.T. Israel Election is missional: for sake of all. If we are in Christ, we are in Abraham (Gal. 3, Rom. 4); if we are the people of Abraham, we are blessed in order to be a blessing to all nations. Abrahamic blessing = Abrahamic mission.

11 God’s people: chosen to be different Biblical ethics and mission ‘Walking in the way of the Lord’- Gen. 18:19 God’s representatives among the nations – Exod. 19:4-6 A visible model to the nations There is no biblical mission without biblical ethics.

12 God and the nations in the OT Subject to God’s sovereign justice and mercy Jer. 18:1-10, Jonah Witnesses of God’s dealings with Israel Ex. 15:15, Deut. 9:28; Ezek. 36:16-23 Beneficiaries of Israel’s salvation history Ps. 47, 1 Kgs. 8: 41-43, Ps. 67 Ultimately to be included within Israel in blessings of salvation and covenant.

13 God’s future for the nations Biblical eschatology and mission Registered in God’s city Ps. 87 Blessed with God’s salvation Isa. 19:16-25 Accepted in God’s house Isa. 56:3-8 Joined with God’s people Zech. 2:10-11; 9:7 Rejoice in God’s new creation Ps. 96:11-13, Isa. 65:17-25; Rom. 8:18-21, Rev. 21:1-5, Col. 1:15-26

14 Jesus with a mission Simeon’s double recognition – The glory of your people Israel – A light to the nations Baptismal identity : Israel and the world – Servant Isa. 42:1 – King Ps. 2:7 The great commission

15 Church with a mission ‘You are my witnesses’ Isa. 43:10, Lk. 24:48, Acts 1:7 ‘Servant - light to the nations’ Acts 13:47, Isa. 49:6 God’s priesthood among the nations 1 Pet. 2:9-12, Rom. 15:16

16 Reading the whole Bible for Mission Read it in the light of: God’s purpose for the whole creation God’s purpose for all human life The election and role of O.T. Israel in God’s purpose for the nations The messianic identity of Jesus The mission of the church to the nations

17 The Mission of God Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative “ The Bible renders to us the story of God’s mission through God’s people in their engagement with God’s world for the sake of the whole of God’s creation…. Christopher J.H. Wright International Director, Langham Partnership International (John Stott Ministries, in the USA)

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