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Who Am I? By Matthew Mori.

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1 Who Am I? By Matthew Mori

2 Who Am I? I am just an average man, Wanting to make a living, but deep down, it’s not me at all, I am just someone just wanting to make things fun, enjoyable, and peaceful. I am one who does not like war, but if violence is the only way out of a life or death situation, it must happen. No one, Not even I know what truly I can become. But only time will tell…

3 What do I want from life? A Skilled fighter, due to being gentle, I am more prone to be hurt during a mugging, than most. Therefore I need to learn the art of war. Maybe learn Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s fighting style. It’s makes you have less power but more speed that could make you win fights faster (if learned properly). than most fighting styles, though it isn’t as popular as the other fighting styles, it is one you might want to learn. It also helps you adapt to any situation during battle, a skill highly needed.

4 How will I get there? What will it take for me to become a skilled fighter?
Of course like most things in life, Money, a job would be most necessary, To become a skilled fighter I need to learn to be like water, because water adapts to any environment. It will take some time of practice, not just in the dojo, but outside as well but not at school, because some can use your abilities against you. Therefore you must, in battle, be like water. Though it will take years to learn, Five years at least. You must have the patience to unlock the true power of martial arts.

5 Now, After that is said and done, What will I do the rest of my life?
I shall live until I retire, teaching others my skill, and I will be known as sensei. Then I could hopefully live a long and happy life.

6 Vocabulary Dojo- school. Sensei- Teacher Jeet Kune Do – one of the first martial arts invented in America. Average – Normal. Note : In America a dojo and a School are two entirely different things.

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