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Directed Reading/ Thinking Activity

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1 Directed Reading/ Thinking Activity
Reading Strategy Chelsea Skoczylas July 29, 2009

2 DR/TA Versatile Encourages active reading Modified K-W-L Chart
Activates prior knowledge Predicts Reflects on predictions Modified K-W-L Chart

3 DR/TA Pre-reading Students pre-view text
Complete first section of DR/TA What I know I know What I think I know Discuss student responses to clarification misconceptions

4 DR/TA Pre-Reading cont. Student predict/hypothesis about text
What I think I’ll learn Sets a student purpose

5 DR/TA During Reading Student read text Confirm or reject predictions
Gather supporting information Post Reading Complete final section What I know I learned

6 Directed Reading/Thinking Activity
DR/TA Directed Reading/Thinking Activity 1. What I know I know: 2. What I think I know: 3. What I think I’ll Learn: 4. What I know I learned: Example Activates knowledge Predicts Reflects/Connects

7 DR/TA Applications Upper elementary and middle level students
Reading for information Introduction activity to a new unit

8 Questions? p

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