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1 ‘One application, infinite opportunities…’

2 What is SEO London? Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) London is an alumni driven not-for-profit organisation SEO Careers provides outstanding Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students with internships and graduate roles at the TOP firms in investment banking, management consulting, professional services, corporate law, technology, advertising, TV, film, radio, music and publishing SEO Scholars helps outstanding secondary school students from under-privileged backgrounds to improve their attainment and university / career options 80% of the 2,500+ BME undergrads SEO London programme has supported since 2000 have gone on to secure full- time graduate positions with SEO partner firms SEO provides supported students with education, training, mentoring, accelerated access and wide support networks to ensure their success In 2012 SEO helped provide internships and graduate roles for 800+ BME undergrads (in EVERY year of study) with more than 60 partner firms In 2013 SEO will be able to provide more than 1,000 internships and graduate roles with over 100 employers!

3 We help you go from … We help you get from here …. To ….

4 Creative Industries Corporates I-Banks and Technology Corporate Law Professional Services


6 SEO provides comprehensive support One Application - Access All Firms Application Acceleration and Support Comprehensive Training Highly paid Internship / Placement Mentoring From Industry Experts Network with CEOs Fast Track To Graduate Lifetime Network


8 Investment banking and Technology firms Programmes and select Partner Firms Investment Banking areas covered RevenueInfrastructure Investment Banking Markets Investment Management M&A Capital Markets SalesTradingResearch Private Wealth Management Asset Management Operations Internal Audit Technology Finance Legal and Compliance Risk Application Developer Infrastructure Engineer Business Analyst In the last three years SEO has helped 200+ students secure internship and graduate roles in GS alone

9 Programmes and select Partner Firms Corporate Law - Key Facts More than 200 opportunities in 2013 Exclusive open days and training contract networking events Multiple vacation schemes are possible Last year SEO helped recruit 10% of ALL Linklaters training contract recruits ! SEO will provide access to 200 vacation schemes places in 2013 Corporate Law firms

10 Professional Services firms Programmes and select Partner Firms Professional services - Key Facts Opportunities include summer internships, industrial placements and graduates schemes London and ALL regional offices Exclusive mini SEO internships with strategy consultancies Last year SEO provided 42 placements and grad roles at Ernst & Young alone! Professional Services Audit / Assurance Tax Corporate Finance Consulting / Advisory

11 Programmes and select Partner Firms Creative Industries - Key Facts SEO advertising platform in conjunction with IPA SEO creative industries platform in conjunction with Creative Access Exciting January start opportunities in film and television in conjunction with PACT. Example of shows include – X-Factor, Skins, Big Brother, The Biggest Looser etc. Education and networking events throughout the year Paid internships and graduate opportunities More than 300 opportunities available in 2013 Creative Industries AdvertisingFilm, TV & Music Publishing & Journalism Creative Industries Firms

12 Corporates Programmes and select Partner Firms Corporates FinanceTechnologyMarketingSalesR&D Corporates - Key Facts Paid internships and graduate opportunities Both UK and International internships available Basel, Switzerland New York, USA 40 - 50 opportunities available in 2013

13 Programmes and select Partner Firms SEO First Year Fast Track INVESTMENT BANKING CORPORATE LAW PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FYFT- Key Facts More than 300+ spaces available Students will be invited to attend exclusive training from, and networking with, SEO alumni and partner firm representatives On-going support from SEO in the form of comprehensive training and mentoring Review / Improve CV SEO FYFT 1 or 2- day insight programme Networking events and spring internship fast track

14 Source: HESA stats, efinancial careers, SEO data 0 150,000 £50+ £28+ £19+ All Advertising I-banks Professional Service Firms UK City Law Firms £38+ £55+ US City Law Firms FTSE 100 companies £28+ Compensation 2012 graduate starting salaries VS. 5-Year Average £150,000 £60,000 £25000 £70,000 £80,000 £150,000 £45,000


16 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA INVESTMENT BANKING* CORPORATE LAW ** PROFESSIONAL SERVICES*** CORPORATES /CREATIVE INDUSTRIES TECHNOLOGY **** FYFT ON TRACK FOR 2.1 ✔✔✔✔✔✔ ANY DEGREE BACKROUND ✔✔✔✔✔✔ 300 UCAS POINTS ✔✔✔ ✔ ✔ 240 UCAS POINTS ✔ B IN GCSE MATHS & ENGLISH ✔ * Operations and Finance year long placements available ** 2nd year of a Law degree or final year of a non Law degree (Should be completing LPC in 2013 or 2014) *** 320 UCAS points for consulting and corporate finance **** C++/JAVA/C# beneficial SEO Eligibility criteria SEO has opportunities for every year of study: – First Year Fast Track for candidates graduating in 2015 – Internships / industrial placements for penultimate year candidates or final years intending to complete a Masters degree – Graduate roles in every industry we cover

17 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA INVESTMENT BANKING CORPORATE LAW PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CORPORATES /CREATIVE INDUSTRIES TECHNOLOGY FYFT APPLICATION FORM ✔✔✔✔✔✔ PHONE INTERVIEW OR MEET AND GREET ✔✔✔✔✔ NUMERICAL TEST ✔✔✔ VERBAL TEST ✔✔ PROGRAMMING APTITUDE TEST ✔ SEO Assessment Process The SEO process is shorter than all partner firms’ direct processes SEO recruits based on potential and will also support, coach and advise you throughout the process SEO recruits on a rolling basis i.e. first come first serve

18 What next? Make an (online) application asap – all admissions are on a rolling basis! Please visit the website for more Register online with SEO London so we can keep you posted about next steps Join us on social media – – Twitter@SEOLondonInfo – LinkedIn ‘SEO London’ SEO interviews will begin in October for all programmes Start your preparation Ensure you are commercially aware Practice numerical and verbal reasoning tests Practice interview questions

19 Thank you


21 Curriculum Vitae (CV) Prepare before you put your CV together: Do your research on what competencies are relevant for your first choice industry Check CVs of friends/family who have done internships Be yourself and pitch yourself appropriately – be consistent with your cover letter Specifically follow instructions provided by SEO or partner firms (ESPECIALLY with online applications) Have a coherent, simple structure (no paragraphs please!) One page for most programmes, two pages for Law Use consistent tense List your overall grade/expected grade (ALL applicants) List your 1st year uni subjects and grades (Law & PS applicants) Look it over with a “fresh pair of eyes”. Have someone else proofread and give feedback/check errors Keep a copy (so you know WHY you applied and WHAT you wrote) Use spell check!!! SEO will review and improve your CV if edits are required!


23 Preparing your cover letter Think of it as a way to frame and position your CV to be attractive to SEO or a specific firm. You should not have a summary or objectives on the top of a CV for investment banking, so use the cover letter as a guide to the most important features of your CV. Each cover letter should be different, so always keep a copy and check over who you wrote it to! Be specific and concrete – your cover letter is your opportunity to paint a very visual picture of who you are, what motivates you, what your successes are, etc. Let us see you in action! Make sure that cover letter has a structure as you would any essay Paragraph one: Why you are interested in the industry Paragraph two: Why you are interested in the division to which you are applying (where relevant) Paragraph three: Why would you be a great candidate for the SEO programme


25 FORMATTING ERRORS: Multiple page CVs Dynamic summaries or objectives on the top of your CV Fancy fonts (Arial/Times New Roman ok.) Anything swirly or multi-coloured not ok!) CONTENT ERRORS: Poor spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors Inaccurate or untrue information Forgetting to change the company name on a previously used cover letter! Incorrect dates on your CV (there is a background check, so make sure it’s right!) Misspelling contact person’s name Inconsistent tenses Negative comments about past work experience/colleagues Procrastination – if you leave CVs and cover-letters to the last minute, you WILL make mistakes! Silly/inappropriate e-mail address (i.e Wrong or outdated phone number Writing in TEXT speak, U NO WAT I MEAN? If you do not receive a favourable response, do not send a rude e-mail or leave a rude phone message. Recruiters have good memories!! CV & cover letter bin-proofing

26 Commercial Awareness Do you have a genuine, demonstrable interest in how the City works? ― Often the most important differentiator for interviewers General reading ― How the City is structured “All you need to know about the City” (Chris Stokes) ― Recent economic history “Too Big to Fail” (Andrew Ross Sorkin) “The Big Short” (Michael Lewis) “The End of Wall Street” (Roger Lowenstein) “All the Devils are Here” (Bethany McLean) ― Historic perspective “Liar’s Poker” (Michael Lewis) “Barbarians at the Gate” (Bryan Burrough, John Helyar)

27 Commercial Awareness cont... Current Market Reading ― What you need to know Facts – current issues, background, etc. Opinion – your take on the story, wider relevance to what is happening Legal dimension – for those interested in Law ― Sources (Online) business sections of broadsheet papers (Times, Guardian, Telegraph) Financial Times – front pages, Lex column, Companies & Markets headlines The Economist Bloomberg, Reuters (for those interested in Markets) The Lawyer, Legal Week, Lawyer2B, Roll on Friday, etc (for those interested in Law) ― Read the business commentary/editor columns to help develop ‘your’ opinion

28 How do YOU become a strong SEO intern? Do your demonstrated skills match the competencies required for the role you are most interested in? Details on required competencies and the roles/industries we cover are listed on the SEO website Academic excellence Excellent quantitative, analytic and creative skills Leadership in extra curricular activities and a demonstrated commitment to community service Very good attention to detail Strong interpersonal and networking skills Career commitment - Commercial awareness - Strong academic reference

29 How do you make yourself a Strong Candidate? Do you have a personality, opinions? Do you show an interest in the business world and current affairs? Do you pay careful attention to detail? Can I trust you with clients and big deals someday? Are you prepared? Can you explain why you are (a) interested in working in a particular business and (b) why you think you will be successful in that business? Are you bright? Do you have sound analytic and quantitative skills? Do you demonstrate good decision making skills? Are you creative? Are you adaptable? Are you someone who is action orientated? Do you have drive? Are you willing to go that extra mile? Are you a team player? Can you listen and can you persuade? Will you network? Will you give back? To help prepare yourself please visit

30 What next? Make an (online) application asap – all admissions are on a rolling basis! Please visit the website for more Register online with SEO London so we can keep you posted about next steps Join us on social media – – Twitter@SEOLondonInfo – LinkedIn ‘SEO London’ SEO interviews will begin in October for all programmes Start your preparation Ensure you are commercially aware Practice numerical and verbal reasoning tests Practice interview questions

31 Thank you

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