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Chapter 10 Are there Rival Causes?.

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1 Chapter 10 Are there Rival Causes?

2 1. A plausible alternative explanation that can explain why a certain outcome occurred is
an excuse a filibuster a rival cause 13

3 2. The following key words indicate causal thinking, except
increases the likelihood in contrast contributes to deters 10

4 3. Whose responsibility is it to generate rival causes?
non-profit organizations the author or speaker the government the critical reader or listener 10

5 4. Causal oversimplification ignores
contributory causes “a cause, not the cause” critical thinking all of the above 10

6 5. If a study is carried out using proper scientific research you don’t have to consider rival causes. True False 10

7 6. Failing to recognize that two events may be influencing each other is a reasoning fallacy
called Neglect of a Common Cause that you should look out for called Confusion of Cause and Effect both b and c 10

8 7. “Neglect of a ______ Cause” is a fallacy that doesn’t recognize that ______ events may be related because of the effects of a ______ factor. contributory, some, outside common, two, third primary, associated, correlating 10

9 8. Which is not an example of Post hoc Fallacy in reasoning?
Never walk under ladders. My dating life increased after my cosmetic surgery. More people lost their jobs right after Obama was elected. 10

10 9. Which is not an example of the fundamental attribution error?
“Of course she can, she’s Hispanic.” “That’s just the way he is.” “The devil made me do it!” “Boys will be boys” 20

11 10. In evaluating rival causes, you should look at
their emotional soundness their consistency with other knowledge that you have their future success in explaining or predicting events 10

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