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Being an outstanding tutor Julia Tucker Assistant Principal (Students) Peter Symonds’ College.

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1 Being an outstanding tutor Julia Tucker Assistant Principal (Students) Peter Symonds’ College

2 End of course student feedback PSC My personal tutor supported me and provided help whenever I needed it  2009 = 96%  2010 = 95%  2011 = 96%  2012 = 96%

3 Tutorial Models 1. Traditional provision – all teaching staff are tutors (eg Peter Symonds’ College) 2. ‘Super tutors’ – a specialist role for teaching staff (eg Farnborough SFC) 3. Support staff appointed as guidance officers (eg St Vincent's College)

4 Role & responsibilities of tutors Roles and responsibilities will vary, but your primary concern is the student ◦ They settle and stay the course ◦ Their progress and achievement ◦ Their progression in to HE or employment Hence their entitlement to guidance and support Is there a job description for the role?

5 Reflect From your experience in education, think about the best tutor you ever had. Identify ONE thing which makes this person the best tutor you ever had.

6 Reflect What are your anxieties about being a tutor? Identify one thing which concerns you.

7 Conflicting demands? Support & guidance Admin ‘Carrot & stick’

8 Modes of delivery Group sessions 1:1 sessions etutorials

9 Successful 1 to 1 tutorials Preparation – student & tutor Focus/purpose Review previous targets Listen - ‘the learner does most of the talking’ Open questions Check understanding – reflect back New SMART targets ‘leave the student feeling good’ Record keeping Location

10 Successful group tutorials Planning & preparation Create a sense of belonging Clear expectations/code of conduct Know the interests and strengths of each student to plan activities so that everyone can enjoy them A supportive environment Camaraderie Flexibility Inclusivity

11 What makes a great tutor? The personal touch – taking an interest in the individual Keeping on top of issues with the student – those who say ‘thank you’ invariably are those you tore your hair out over! Efficiency & organisation (with the admin which matters for the student) Doing what you say you will do (follow up) Being flexible & responsive to individual needs

12 Student perception of tutorial (SPOT) The main positive aspects of tutorial identified by students at PSC have been: An effective means for important information to be passed on. The personal support received by students from their tutor. The 1 to 1 tutorials, especially for personal support and help with things like UCAS. Meeting new people and the social aspect of being part of a tutor group, in particular birthday cards and cakes.

13 Student perception of tutorial (SPOT) Along with: Useful for getting to know the tutor, especially if you need to speak to someone. An opportunity for discussions, with some interesting issues brought up that lead to good debates. Like the informal setting. Attendance checks!

14 Student perception of tutorial (SPOT) Negative aspects of tutorial identified by students at PSC included: Sometimes group activities are not productive. Often presentations are pointless; too many powerpoints. Too many messages/too much admin. Should only have 1 to 1s when necessary.

15 There is no secret An outstanding teacher is an outstanding tutor; an outstanding tutor is an outstanding teacher!

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