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Potential risks of installing or upgrading software

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1 Potential risks of installing or upgrading software
Wasim Akram

2 Installing hardware The main risk of installing hardware in a pc is that it might not be compatiable Incompatibility with the other hardwares . The need of OS re-installation . Physical damage while installing the new hardware Could lose all data if not backed up

3 O.S. Upgrading an operating system is putting a new version of windows on to your pc which will bring you more benefits such as more features and functionality. Another thing is that it might take time for you to get use to the new features.

4 Loosing data The down side to upgrading an operating system is that all data will be deleted that is on the pc but you can get around this by backing up your data on a external hard drive and then putting it back on when the new version is installed.

5 Compatibility If you are upgrading your o.s then other people may not be able to open up files of your pc for example file of windows 7 and then sending it some one that has windows xp on there computer.

6 Bugs/viruses If your computer isn't protected by a firewall, decent anti-virus and anti spyware program then might get viruses, Trojans, worms and other kinds of things that is harmful to your computer system.

7 Time consuming Upgrading O.S on a machine takes up to minutes depending on the pc specs. If you have about 30 pc’s to upgrade this would take lots of time. Another thing is that when you have installed the new O.S employees need to get used to the new features.

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