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1 Care and Health Analysis in Real Time CHART Online and

2 Care and Health Analysis in Real Time To Analyse Patient Data Designed by GPs for GPs FREE Software

3 What is CHART ?

4 User friendly tool

5 Download MIQUEST queries

6 Run queries on clinical system

7 Upload and view results

8 The Benefits

9 Analyse Key Clinical Areas IM&T DES GMS Contract LDP Smoking and Obesity Influenza Vaccination Audit Pneumococcal Vaccination Audit

10 Identify Groups of Patients Influenza Vaccination Pneumococcal Vaccination Learning Disabilities Heroin Misuse

11 One Programme …Different Views

12 Whilst complying with Guidelines on Security and Confidentiality Completion of Data Collection Agreement Pseudonymised practice numbers Upload of pseudonymised data only Grant permissions to view practice ID NOTE: All data that follow are fictitious

13 Summary sheet

14 Datasheet…

15 … with patient names for use in practice

16 Datasheet…

17 …pseudonymised for external use

18 Graphically as absolute numbers…

19 …or as percentages

20 Double click on bar...

21 …to identify patients

22 View All Patient Details

23 One patient record per row

24 One patient record per row

25 Identifies co-morbidities

26 And highlights gaps in patient care

27 Filter Results

28 Identify patient groups

29 Identify patient groups

30 Identify patient groups

31 Mail merge to generate patient letters

32 National Returns

33 Automatically complete national returns…

34 transmit results via web

35 CHART Online

36 What is CHART Online?

37 Web based tool

38 To analyse data gathered via CHART…

39 …for the IM&T DES

40 The Benefits

41 Analyse Key Areas Drugs to diagnosis Recorded diagnosis Inappropriate gender codes Multiple codes recorded Family history codes Top level codes Referral type Practice population

42 Drill Down

43 From SHA level

44 To PCT level

45 To practice level

46 Same Data …Different Views

47 View data graphically…

48 …with quartiles…

49 …or in tabular format

50 Assists Analysis

51 Diagnosis groups for single practice

52 Drill down into diagnosis group…

53 view all diagnoses together

54 Assists Comparison

55 Data sorted…

56 Data sorted…

57 …and target practice highlighted

58 …and target practice highlighted

59 Compare to practices in same PCT…

60 …or to those in another PCT

61 Compare Data over Time

62 Compare data over time

63 View one indicator for several practices…

64 …or all indicators for one practice…

65 …or compare recording rates for different PCTs

66 For Further Information Contact: PRIMIS+ 15 th Floor Tower Building University Park Nottingham NG7 2RD

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