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Born 9/13/1995 in Mathews, NC Moved to WV in 3 rd Grade Celiac Gamer.

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2 Born 9/13/1995 in Mathews, NC Moved to WV in 3 rd Grade Celiac Gamer

3 Main Characters Commander Shepard Garrus Jacob Miranda Jack Grunt Tali Thane Legion Samara Zaeed Kasumi Joker Mordin Mass Effect 2

4 Silent Hill Through the fog I walk, Hearing the ones who stalk, Trying and stay calm, Trying to sing a psalm, The demons come for me, The hauntings of my memory. I stare death in the eye, Hoping I do not die, But it is useless you see, For the demons come for me, Eating away at my mind, Until there is no light to find. Where is the one I seek? Through the streets I sneak, Making only light sound, But still the demons are around, It is useless you see, For the town has swallowed me. Forever in fog I shall run, Wishing only to find the sun, But that's the point you see, For the demons come for me.

5 Pogo Pogo takes short bits from movies and turns them into a song with a synthesizer. So far he has had four albums: Table Scraps Weave and Wish Wonderland Broken Beats He has also made a song for several movies Alice in Wonderland Hook Harry Potter Up Sword in the Stone Mary Poppins Etc…. Disney/Pixar commissioned him to make Upular, the song using Up.

6 Death Note The story of Death Note is a god of death lost his Death Note in the human world. The main character takes it and now the god of death goes everywhere he goes. The Death Note has the power to kill whoever's name is written in it, and under the specific reason for death as well. The main character is trying to use it to kill all the evil people in the world, and make a new world with no evil where he rules as a god. I don’t like the main character much. The god of death is the best character.

7 Record of the Locoss War


9 Silent Hill Why it is my least favorite move:  Silent Hill Doesn’t work the right way in the movie  The monsters are your fears and feelings come to life, others cant see the same monsters  Silent Hill’s other world looks different to everyone, its appearance is based on your fears and feelings  The monsters have no psychological meaning  Cybil Bennett cant fight monsters with Rosa  It is supposed to be based off of Silent Hill 1… Harry Mason is not a girl Harry Mason =/= Rosa  Sharon =/= Cheryl  Dahlia is evil, she cant be a sympathetic character  Alyssa = Cheryl but Alyssa =/= Sharon  Pyramid Head cannot be in this movie. The only reason pyramid head exists is because the main character of Silent Hill 2, James, thinks he deserves to die for his sins.  The main character’s husband has no purpose being in the movie.  The movie is supposed to end with the bad ending of Silent Hill



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