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Identity Essay – Focus on Ho Chi Minh or the Viet Cong.

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1 Identity Essay – Focus on Ho Chi Minh or the Viet Cong

2 What does identity mean? Identity

3 What are the characteristics of your identity? Beliefs and Values

4 How is your identity formed? Formation

5 How do you express your identity? Expression

6 The identity essay explains the characteristics of a group or individual’s identity, how it was developed and how it was expressed. Characteristics Development Expressed C D E WHAT they believe, value and seek WHY they formed these beliefs (conflict!) HOW they take action to express their identity.

7 7 Steps to completing an Identity essay in class… 1.Gather basic information on group or individual. 2.Organise the information into Characteristics, Development or Expression. 3.Look at a good example of an ‘identity’ essay so you can see how it is structured. 4.Decide HOW you will structure your essay. 5.Plan paragraphs. 6.Write an introduction and conclusion. 7.Bring notes to class on Monday….

8 Essay structure: Introduction The Introduction should act like a ‘menu’ explaining what the essay will cover. A popular structure for the introduction is: “There are many factors that contributed to the distinctive sense of identity expressed by _______ during the _______. These factors included [list the factors you will write about]. Each of these factors helped develop _______’s [list a few of the characteristics of your individual or group]. _________ expressed their distinctive identity through actions that included [list the actions you will write about].”

9 Essay structure: Basic outline of paragraphs 1.Introduction 2.Characteristics 3.Characteristics 4.Development 5.Development 6.Expression 7.Expression 8.Expression 9.Conclusion

10 Characteristics paragraph topics Distinctive beliefs, values and goals. Distinctive strategy or method to achieve the goals Distinctive sense of cohesion or discipline A strong leader who personifies or articulates the distinctive sense of identity of the group. What they believed or wanted

11 Development of identity topics – always involves a conflict Nationalist struggle against the French (origins of the Viet Cong) The unpopularity of Diem’s rule. American intervention in Vietnam Explain HOW it helped develop a characteristic!

12 Work in pairs to start gathering notes on: 1.Which characteristics made the Viet Cong a distinctive group. –Methods –Beliefs –Leadership that expressed the beliefs of the group. 2.Which shared experiences helped develop this group’s sense of identity. 3.How they expressed their identity.

13 Expression of Identity (Actions they took) Structure One Political Military Social and economic Structure Two Formation and early guerrilla/terror campaigns. Propaganda and land reform Tet Offensive Name the characteristic expressed!

14 Conclusion A brief summary of your argument – similar in structure to an introduction….

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